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Monumental Lands [Orchestral Score Cinematic Epic Majestic Landscape]

Monumental Lands is a conquering orchestral track that starts with a marveling piano, building later on with epic and unstoppable brass, glorious strings, lush vocal choir and driving percussion, creating an adventurous mood. A grand and majestic experience. Best for nature, landscapes, adventure, s...

Reconciliation [Folk Pop Warm Optimistic Heartwarming Relaxed]

Reconciliation is a mellow Folk Pop tune with tranquilizing male oohs-aahs and happy-go-lucky acoustic guitar, rural, countryside style. Brings a relaxing and optimistic mood. Best for family content, nature, wildlife, vlogs, traveling, documentaries, health and medical, lifestyle, and more.

Cold Wind

A dreamy and inspiring cinematic ambient track. Cold Wind alternates moments of intimate dreamy texture and other more rhythmic parts, with both classical orchestral instruments and modern synth sounds. Its floating and intense characteristics make it a good choice for cinematic, short films, sci-fi...

African Trance Percussion

An exotic, trance-inducing percussive piece built around traditional african rythms that conveys pictures of tribal dancers and wilderness. It features African Donn Donn, Djembe, Flat Udu, Darabuka, Small derbuka and Yambu. Great fit for documentaries about Africa, movies, dance, travel videos, or a...

Discovering Africa

The sound of the African Jungle in all its splendor. African drums and big orchestra in a very dynamic track perfect for African landscapes. Voyage to the Bottom of Africa with its waterfalls. The jungle in pure. Wild animals in the Savannah. exotic, that lead the Horn of Africa or to the Safaris.
Yann Keerim
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