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Conglomerate - Bright Inspiring Corporate Music

This corporate music piece seamlessly integrates lively percussion and pulsating synths, crafting an atmosphere charged with energy and motion. With its driving rhythm and catchy melodies, it's perfect for adding excitement to any project, from business presentations to promotional videos.

Return Of The Heroes

Adventure, epic, intense and heroic composition for movies and games, trailers, teasers, advertising and other projects! Enjoyable listening!


Modern, peppy and rhythmic nu metal composition for your video, audio collections and other projects. Enjoyable listening!

Through Infinity

Modern, motivational and energetic post-grunge for your video, audio collections and other projects! Enjoyable listening!

Alpha Man

A slow but strong character southern rock music with cool guitar riffs, solos, claps and stomping drums, ideal for commercials, promos, action themes or movies

Upbeat Party Funk

Cool and modern funk, disco, pop track with groovy guitars, positive chorus, funky bass, energizing drums, and percussion. Perfect for active and dynamic advertising, happy vlogs and travel videos, positive commercials for radio and tv, social media campaigns.


A hybrid orchestral track with a melodic piano opening and a second part with strings ostinati, percussion and brass melody, leading to a heroic full orchestra climax. Great for documentaries, films, videos, presentations and other productions.

Irish Legacy

Bright and proud Irish folk music with traditional instruments: fiddle violin, tin whistle, guitars, accordion and bodhran drum. A festive dance rhythm that celebrates the Celtic heritage, evoking a cheerful Irish pub atmosphere and the scent of freshly brewed beer and shamrocks.

Long Way

Dramatic emotional orchestra track. Perfect for: cinematic background, nature videos, fantasy, inspirational projects, presentations and intros…

Celebrating In The Streets

A busy, celebratory organic and electronic hybrid track, featuring steel drums, bells, metal mallets, floating textures and driving percussion. Styled for factual documentary background and science and culture underscore. For ads, promo, commercials, corporate, youtube videos and media projects abou...

The Call of the Dead

A hybrid orchestral track, with an atmospheric choir opening leading to a heroic and epic climax with strings ostinati,choirs and driving percussion. Great for trailers, action or epic scenes, heroic films and games.
Yann Keerim
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