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Chopin Minute Waltz in D-flat Major, Op. 64, No. 1

The classic eclectic and fast-paced piano waltz by Frederic Chopin. Positive concert grand piano in a small hall. Waxing and waning tempos and dynamics.

The Star Spangled Banner

A classic yet unique version of the American National Anthem. Full orchestra with brass, winds, strings, and bells make this a rousing version for American celebrations, patriotic videos, and parades.

The Odyssey

Rising, regal, majestic and dramatic adventure trailer with cinematic strings and brass, deep piano, epic drums, bells, some synths, fx and choir in the final part. Best choice for movie trailers, teasers, soundtracks, discovery videos, video games, fantasy theme etc.

Elegant Classical Overture

A regal orchestra overture, featuring expressive strings, light woodwinds, majestic brass, orchestral percussion and harp glissando. Perfect for promo, ads, commercials, youtube, corporate and media projects about castles, kings and queens, hosting a banquet, coronation ceremony, patriotic military ...

Cinematic Folk Tale

Folk track featuring a thumb piano, lute, cellos and more. The track gradually moves into a grand cinematic climax towards the end. The music is set to no particular tempo to give an organic and natural feel.

Contemporary Art

Contemporary background track with a classical feel featuring a piano theme surrounded by abstract rhythmic elements, violin and celeste.

Nostalgic Classical Waltz

An elegant, festive orchestral waltz, featuring expressive strings, an old piano, playful orchestral percussion, snare drum, beautiful wind and brass. Constantly building and accelerating to a sweeping, epic finale. Perfect for promo, ads, commercials, youtube, corporate and media projects about cas...

News Flash

An intro for a breaking news show or a special report. Dramatic, grand, orchestral with a touch of electronic.

Memories of Spring

An uplifting track featuring a piano motif that builds with strings, leading to an inspirational climax. Perfect as a background for motivational, inspiring, emotional videos.

Emperor Of China

Festive and upbeat Chinese cinematic music with powerful and energetic sound, it's perfect for getting your audience in a celebratory mood, especially during the Chinese New Year season and other national holidays. Featuring traditional Chinese instruments such as the pipa, erhu and guzheng, as well...
Yann Keerim
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