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Kung Fu Master

An epic orchestral theme with ethnic Chinese instruments like Erhu, Chinese drums and bamboo flute. Suitable for Kung Fu and traditional martial arts tutorials. Also perfect for trailers, presentations, slideshows, video blogs and any project dealing with Kung Fu and China.

Clockwork Ballet (Magical Musical Box)

A gentle musical box styled piece that was originally composed for a nursery themed project. It has the switching and whirring sound fx added for extra realism and is available in 3 project ready edits. Would work great with family and baby videos, advertising campaigns as well as magical, fairy tal...

Dramatic Military Battle Theme

A building orchestral theme with military snare rolls, timpani, staccato strings and horn swell. Evokes feelings of tension, aggression and motivation. Perfect for video games, videos or presentations dealing with battle, war and weapons.


Atmospheric and positive theme with modern lounge feel. Well suited for broadcast TV wheather forecast, high tech news, business presentations and commercials. Here you can hear electronic accurate drums, cinematic piano and lyric strings. Loopable!

Celebrate Corporation

Positive theme with glockenspiel, piano, guitar and drums. Perfect for business presentations, motivational videos, celebration and wedding videos.

Sax Hip Hop

Groovy hip-hop theme with jazzy feel and funky beat. Ideal for shopping video, adventure, home video, dance party, for any kinds of vlogs, for advertising, sport videos.

Happy Playful Child

Happy theme that will be a good soundtrack for the video with the children, animals and comic situations. Live guitar, xylophone, accordion and synthesizer creates sunny mood and carefree feeling.

Fashion Week

Fashion Week is chill house theme, perfect for fashion videos, fashion show, spa & fitness commercials, hotel promo, travel companies, airline companies etc..

Skeleton Shuffle (Creepy Halloween)

A piece that's only a little scary and doesn't take itself too seriously, so perfectly matches the spirit of Halloween! It comes in 3 project ready edits and works well with trick or treat videos, spooky kids dress up parties and more. Great for use as trailer music for spooky cartoons, mystery docu...

Danse Macabre

Original horror music theme with some kind of quirky, ironic vibe. Odd harpsichord pizzicato, gloomy sounds of bass clarinet, celeste, phantasmagorical synth pads, the mysterious vocalizes of a soprano and choir create altogether a creepy yet grotesque atmosphere.

Technology successful business (Positive corporate background)

Positive corporate theme with guitars, organ, drums and pad, creating an atmosphere of success for any business and uplifting mood.

Action hip-hop drama

A short composition of hip-hop with a bright atmosphere of action and a dramatic mood. Contains piano, strings and percussion. Combines with video hip-hop themes, dramatic video and background in presentations.


Postive and energizing theme, with piano and strings melodies with sinth, drums, bass and guitars background, suitable for comercial proyects, corporative videos or personal footage. Full song at first, comes with two loopable parts at the end of the preview

Waiting For The Process - Atmospheric Suspense Ambient

Spacey sounding and deep ambient music for dramatic projects and video games. Otherworldly, worrisome, depressing, reflective, suitable for conveying a sad mood.
Yann Keerim
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