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Love Theme

Emotional, nostalgic, and positive piano background, featuring soft piano, strings, and solo violin. Perfect background music for emotional and positive moments in movies, films, trailers, presentations, video games, commercials, TV, YouTube videos, documentaries, vlogs, motivational videos, and mo...


Gentle piano theme with nostalgic feel and a bit of hope. Small but touching and warm piece of music good for romantic and sentimental moments in your life.

Succesful Journey

Inspirational electronic theme consisting of synthesizers, piano, beats and more. Perfect to complement your corporate video, commercial or other media production. The theme brings a lot of energy, excitement and richness.

A Life In Adventure

Perfect for heroic trailer, advertising, opening, adventure movie, motivational presentation, car show, game, promotional video, landscape video, car advertising, film score, TV ad, YouTube and Vimeo content, self presentation, social theme related video and many more!

Valentines Day

Happy, upbeat and melodic valentine music track that keeps building up and down around some catchy and inspiring muted guitar, strings and piano themes

Space Travels

Wondrous orchestral Sci-Fi theme, an epic film score music unfolding a fantastical outer space journey getting more and more agitated. Amazing harmonic progressions help to create a fantastic and mysterious atmosphere, with passionate strings, majestic brass, evocative opera choirs and pressing perc...

Heartbroken Spy

Soulful, desperate orchestral theme with a cinematic spy story feeling. A majestic dramatic ballad with a 60's Big Band jazzy quality, featuring a powerful horn section, strings, piano and drums. The music has some kind of dark and final yet seductive mood.

Swing The Rhythm - Big Band Jazz

A lively and resounding 1940s Big Band Swing Jazz brings back the perfect Broadway vibe with all its glitter and sparkling glamour. Thumping jiving tom-tom drums introduce a lively brass theme on a Rhythm Change progression with syncopated accents by saxophones and trumpets. Virtuoso drums and tromb...

Falling In Love

Emotional and romantic love theme for strings and orchestra. Expressive and flowing violins underscore the perfect cinematic love scene, with a harp that enriches the dreamy and blissful atmosphere. Slow tempo and calm, soft dynamics.


The orchestra and piano seamlessly intertwine, crafting a breathtakingly beautiful and emotionally charged composition. As the music unfolds, it gradually builds, like a rising tide of inspiration, to deliver a motivational theme that uplifts the spirit and touches the heart.


An orchestra ensemble, artfully combined with meticulously crafted synths and a resounding piano, collaboratively weaves a truly exceptional, motivating, and uplifting theme. This musical masterpiece ascends with unwavering determination, building towards a magnificent crescendo

Magic Spell

A magical string orchestra, entwined with the enchanting melodies of a piano and the haunting allure of a solo violin, orchestrates a spellbinding composition. It gracefully ascends, conjuring a breathtaking theme imbued with an epic sense of wonder and adventure, making it the perfect musical back.

Nostalgic Wavy 80s Synthwave

An wavy, nostalgic, retro, dynamic 80s synthwave royalty free song, with retro synth leads, synth pads, 80’s bass, DX7 and efficient powerful beats, best for ads, retro visuals, tech, documentary, night ride, spatial theme, timelapse videos, 80s aesthetics and artistic related content !

I Love Christmas

A festive and jazzy music track. It features classical acoustic guitar, double bass, drums, chimes and sleigh bells. Perfect for Christmas-themed videos, ads and animation, DIY Christmas tree decorations and gift wrapping tutorials, winter season cooking vlogs, New Year preparation, or December shop...
Yann Keerim
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