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Airy Cinematic Piano

Inspiring cinematic piano track with strings, percussions and atmosphere that will give your projects wings to fly!!! The mood of the track is very inspiring, motivational, uplifting and dreamy. Try it today!

Astral Mystery

reflective, mysterious, beguiling piano mood. Pensive and spiritual.

Fresh Corporate Acoustic

inspiring, warm and positive acoustic guitar music track to provide a quality background music that even the most demanding video project to make it more entertaining and engaging. Especially great for corporate, marketing, technology, event and YouTube videos. Acoustic guitar, fresh string melodies...


Powerful, epic cinematic rock hybrid track. Thoughtful piano and string arrangements sit above driving, powerful drums and snarling rock guitars creating a tense, moody and ultimately triumphant feeling piece. Perfect for projects needing high quality, exciting music such as film, trailers, gaming, ...

Starry night

Starry night is a cinematic,ambient, inspirational,indie,heartwarming track with piano,electric guitar,pads and strings.Ideal to dress your most beautiful moments.

Don't Let Me Down

Mostly instrumental finishing with a choral section which asks the listener not to 'let me down'. Guitar solo and jazz piano interweave through this beautiful melancholic track.

Tropical Mood

Tropical style track with marimbas, flutes, electronic sounds and deep rhythm sections. This music is a good choice for youtube reviews, travel, summer holidays, beaches, presentations and many other projects.

The Tropical

An easy, positive track using marimba, steel drums and an electronic rhythm section saturated with a tropical atmosphere. This music is very suitable for videos about recreation, the sea, slide shows, beaches and many other projects to create a tropical mood.


Light ambient track with electronic sounds and air piano.

Melancholic Piano

A melancholic and emotional track featuring sad and calm piano and strings. Good for cinematic movie scenes, trailers, vlogs and other videos that need sentimental and calm background music.

Dark Clouds

A dark, spooky, and gloomy track with a Halloweeny feel and a cinematic twist. Ideal for film.


Sad depression background music with climax. Emotional strings with cinematic drama mood will be great for war stories, dramedy TV shows, christian videos, melodrama, documentary, melancholic, hopeless, heartbreak videos.

Thriller Tension

It`s a cinematic music track with tension. Perfect for investigations, detective, horror and action scenes in movies. The track creates a sense of anxiety, insolubility and anxious anticipation. Perfect for Drama, Thriller, Detective, Documentary, News, Horror, Crime and Law Television, Commercial, ...

Emotional Romantic Piano

Emotional piano composition with strings section. Mood – romantic, sentimental, lovely, dreamy and a little bit sad. Best for cinema, documentary, social projects, wedding videos and love story slides.
Yann Keerim
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