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Speed And Tension

Tense and energetic background track evoking a sense of urgency. Brooding analog synthesizers, solo violin, strings and percussion each and all contribute to the organic quality of this suspenseful cue.


This track tries to convey the feeling of controlled pace and speed, like a running cheetah. So it's powerful and energetic but at the same time it's all tight and controlled.

Sunshine And Colours

Positive, engaging track, with warm bass, atmospheric harmonics and urgent piano riff, weaving an uplifting and comforting mood.

Dangerous Escalation

High tension cinematic soundtrack featuring hybrid orchestral edgy strings, powerful horns and massive percussions creating a suspenseful, dramatic mood. Subtle electronic elements for a pulsating tension. Full orchestral crescendo depicting a compelling action scene.

Running (Dynamic Breakbeat)

Running (Dynamic Breakbeat) is an intense and fast drum & bass track that creates momentum. It is full of adrenaline and energy. It features pumping drums and percussion, as well as synths accents that add to the overall urgency and speed of the track. Perfect for commercials, advertising, marketing...

Cracking the Code Suspenseful Background

Highly suspenseful track featuring ominous and tense strings, ticking and other rhythmic elements. Will work really well in productions seeking auto provoke a sense of urgency.

Instants Of Life

Rushing and pressing, with multiple-layered pounding piano and embracing string orchestra, together building a great emotional impact. Depicting the idea of fleeting moments, race against time, struggle for success. Highly motivating and inspiring, perfect for commercials, emphatic advertising, spor...

Summer rain

This is an inspiring and energetic rock track, give you a positive and a good mood all day.

Under Pressure Ident

Suspenseful ident consisting of brooding rhythms, piano and synthesizers. Perfect to use in documentaries, investigations, news items, movies or games. If you are looking for an intro displaying a feeling of danger and urgency, this could work very well.


Driving Chaotic Ominous Instrumental For Action, Adventure, Industrial, Horror, etc.
Yann Keerim
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