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Hybrid battle

An epic, aggressive, orchestral hybrid track suitable for action scenes.Pulsing synths and a full orchestra in full force

Black Sun

A powerful and epic cinematic piece that offers a wide ethnic instrumentation and feel. filled with a lot of different percussive elements, strings, brass and choir to bring an authentic and forceful vibe to your project! perfect for movies, trailers, commercials, video games and more!

Driving Southern Rock

Driving Southern Rock is a very cool track with nice gimmicks and lots of attitude. The track is driven by bouncy guitar riffs and root slide guitare solos. Great fit for biker, rider, car, sports, lifestyle themes and commercials as well as for trailers, movies and video games. Instrumentation : ...

Rock Trailer

This cinematic rock track is perfect for action scenes, trailers and video games.

Rock Stingers

Powerful rock stinger featuring electric guitar and huge power drums. If you want to add punch to your presentation, that’ll do it!

Fight for Glory

Glory to the heroes that gave their lives for their loved ones! Heroic and Trailer Orchestral track Whether you’re on a Quest for glory, fighting an unstoppable army, or exploring the depths of Space.

Epic China

Epic, Inspirational, emotional Chinese theme music featuring authentic instruments such as Chinese violin, dizi erhu or guzheng, with full orchestra. Patriotism and courage!

Epic Action Trailer

Modern, epic & intense Hollywood style trailer cue which slowly builds up to a hard hitting, high impact cinematic trailer track, Huge, epic, Hollywood style trailer sounds, hard hitting percussion, cinematic orchestra sections (stings and brass) and twisted synth risers.

Battle of the Titans

Epic background suited for fight scenes in film, trailers, intros, radio and tv advertising, games, but can be used as an ident too. It has a really dynamic and intense mood that reminds of ancient times.


An epic and bombastic orchestral cue with large strings, brass and woodwinds sections re-enforced by big toms, snares, timpanis and male choirs. Conveys adventure, piratry, heroïsm, war, fantasy worlds etc. Perfect fit for action and adventure games, shows, trailers, movies and many more

Prelude to the Battle

''Prelude to the Battle'' - is an Epic Cinematic Background Music/Dramatic Orchestral Trailer Music. Background music for videos, films, cinematic scenes, movie trailers, gaming videos, game trailers, social media, websites, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, Facebook, Instagram, for commercial purposes,...

Find Peace Pack (Alternative Rock) - 4 Versions

Instrumental cinematic music,fully produced,suitable for shots with landscapes,nature and more. This music triggers the imagination of the viewer with the slight Cinematic moo' including instruments such as hang drum, percussion, violins, guitar, harp and electronic sounds.
Yann Keerim
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