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Dramatic Hybrid Tension

A rousing, modern organic and electronic hybrid track, featuring piano, energetic strings, epic brass, driving percussion and pulsing synth patterns. Styled for fast paced action, chase or crime scene. Car race, run away, fugitive, hide and seek, run for your lives, storm.

Epic Spy Chase In Beirut

Exciting orchestral action theme, featuring driving strings, heavy brass and an ethnic drum groove. Perfect for action and chase scenes in movies, trailers, commercials, advertising, game, youtube videos.

Intense Suspense

Suspenseful dark background track presenting an intense sense of urgency. Will work great in media seeking tension and suspense.

Dramatic Tension

A tense, nervous organic tension track, featuring busy piano, energetic strings, epic brass and orchestral percussion. Styled for any kind of frantic, unsettling scene. Building pressure, growing danger, rising threat, on the edge, restless night, suspense, fear.

Brewing Storm

A tense, dramatic organic tension track, featuring repetitive dulcimer, busy piano, energetic strings, pulsing textures and orchestral percussion. Building urgency without becoming too heavy. Styled for any kind of suspenseful, foreboding scene. Dark clouds approach, growing danger, threat, apprehen...

Joyful Moments | Hip Hop Electronic / Dark Quirky / Cinematic, Background

Premium Electronic, Ambient Instrumental full track in Hip Hop electronic genre. The Audio is Mastered with Elite Analog Hardwares. Mood of this track is dark quirky frantic chill optimistic bold. Emotion/Mood Valence: negative. Energy: medium. Energy Variation: medium. Tempo: Medium. BPM: 100. BPM ...

Balkan Gypsy

Festive and lively gypsy music with klezmer elements, featuring traditional balkan brass band and uptempo drums. This style is very popular in Eastern European weddings ceremonies, but it's commonly associated with gypsy culture in general.

Jingle Skels (March of the Skeletons)

In the large attic of an old haunted mansion on Halloween, an army of ghostly skeletons marches through with a retro collection of old pianos, organs, and toy pianos playing as their orchestra. Great for Halloween or a haunted Christmas a la Nightmare Before Christmas.

We Three Kings

Orchestral Metal version of a classic christmas song in 6/8 time. Dual chuggy guitar leads and rhythm accompanied by choral and brass section. Aggressive epic vibe. Suitable for christmas and holiday action and adventure content. Cool vlogs, and sports


Swampy slide guitar ambient dark tension cue straight from the south. With droning vocals and slide lead gives an eerie, confused, drugged out vibe. Suitable as underscore for tv/film crime and investigation, documentaries, and horror genres


mysterious dark tension cue with classical guitar and piano chruning tense chord progression. Great for TV/Film underscore and for docudrama

Rock The Place

This is a rock cinematic in a genre that combines elements of electronic music with rock and cinematic. This song is perfect for promotional videos, commercials, movie trailers, film scores, TV ads, YouTube videos, corporate presentations, and much more!

Raw, rowdy rock track

Raw, rowdy rock track with a sloppy party vibe. Powerful, fiery, hard-driving music perfect for sports news, chases, frat parties, fast cars, smokey bars, grunge and gritty urban themes.

Vigorous and rhythmic funk composition

Vigorous and rhythmic funk composition, played on the guitar with a wind section. Suitable for video and film production.

Incredibly Scary: Losing Touch with Reality

Incredibly Scary: Losing Touch with Reality features horror-inspired sound effects alongside a tension-filled synth background. This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, advertisements...
Yann Keerim
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