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Bursts of emotion (Dramatic hopeful music)

Emotional cinematic orchestral music with dramatic atmosphere and hopeful mood. Combined with nostalgic, dramatic, sad, social videos, animations, slideshows, YouTube content, etc.

Rock Cinematic Cue

Full of suspence dramatic cinematic rock music cue. Perfect for horror or drama cinema, historic or politic documentary. TV shows, ecological and social problems, and any project where you need gloomy, despairing and lifeless feel, paranormal activity and UFO related content.

Anxiety Ambient

Investigation tension music cue with pulsating synth, subtle rhythmic elements. Mood – sad, mystery, tragic, mourning. Best for detective, adventure, dramatic film score, epic trailer, documentary, games.

Thriller Tension

It`s a cinematic music track with tension. Perfect for investigations, detective, horror and action scenes in movies. The track creates a sense of anxiety, insolubility and anxious anticipation. Perfect for Drama, Thriller, Detective, Documentary, News, Horror, Crime and Law Television, Commercial, ...

Epic Action

Epic cinematic action track. Perfect for fight scenes, documentary about war, game and cinema trailers. You can hear strings, brass and huge rock drums.

Heroic Trailer

Epic cinematic heroic theme. Huge drums, anxious strings and triumph brass section makes memorable conquest music theme. This track is made for cinematic and gaming trailers, technology media projects, corporate presentations, Youtube vlogs and many more.

Epic Orchestral Drama

Epic orchestral composition with full orchestra and huge drums. Anxiety mood that something must happen.

Guts and Glory

Fast paced and vibrant epic track with big orchestra, percussion pattern and choir. Rather aggressive yet uplifting through heroic brass, some woodwinds and accentuated strings. Very engaging and attention-grabbing, this track ideally expresses power through brass, action through nervous breaking pe...

Second Chance

Very symphonic, dark and engaging track, realized with accentuated strings, powerful brass and accompanied by hybrid instruments. The dense atmosphere intensifies and percussive hits set in. Very dramatic, tensed and powerful. Rather fireceful and modern, this track is ideal for announcing a tragic ...


Suspensful and adventagous tensed track, very musically engaging and vibrant. More on the dark and eery side, the track evolves into a strong heroic theme with brass, pulsating strings and percussion. Very anticipating and wide orchestrated. Ideal for pressing cues, suspense, and those gloomy moment...

A Better Tomorrow

Advantageous and glorious epic track, emotional and melancholically driven. Later the colossal heroic theme intensifies in the brass section and short strings and will fade out in a lone piano sound and high bells. Very romantic, sad yet driven by a monumental trailer-like orchestration. Ideal for c...

Through Dark Ages

Dark and somber instrumental epic track, wide and modern. Eery in the beginning with an enormous beautiful big positive and uplifting epic closure. Vibe is rather tensed, hybrid and modern, with big brass and percussion. Ideal for transissions, cinematic impact and opener.

Torn Apart

Emotionally engaging epic track, accompanied by lush and somber strings. Very cinematic and accentuated in the violins and big taikos. Modern mix with modern hybrid elements and big brass. This makes this track ideal for big impact, heroic content or any other cinematic cues.

Return Home

Very emotional and ominous epic track realized by a big lush Hollywood-like string sound, a beautiful melody, and accentuated orchestra percussion. Accompanied by long chords and the grand piano, the atmosphere intensifies towards the end and is continually driven by drama, romance and passion.

Open The Gates

Modern epic track with many hybrid elements such as synthezizer effects, bass instruments and big trailer hits. Very vibrant and edging, accompanied by big lush strings and a rich hollywood sound. This track is very melodic and beautifully dressed with accentuated strings and percussion, ending in a...

Inspiration piano (upbeat background music)

Beautiful classical acoustic melody, combining piano and strings in a optimistic, inspiring content.

Dramatic piano (Sad optimistic background)

Dramatic piano paced story with different tools , ideal for video sequences with disturbing dark atmosphere.

Emotional piano background (optimistic, inspirational, hopes)

Sorrowful emotional piano composition with a feelings atmosphere and sadden mood. Combined with dramatic, sad, social videos, slideshows, commercial projects, etc.

Dramatic episode (cinematic emotional)

An exciting emotional musical composition with piano and strings for dramatic scenes or films.
Yann Keerim
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