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Found In Faith

A dark, foreboding, mysterious, dramatic and cinematic background track featuring piano, electric guitar swells, synth layers and a subtle percussion loop, all building up to a powerful climax. Perfect as a dramatic underscore to a story of inspiration and discovery.

In the Deep Darkness

A dark, moody, mysterious background track. Someone is searching for answers in the depths of their soul.

Looking Beyond

This track starts with a simple piano motif, and builds in intensity throughout, adding more layers of acoustic guitars, percussion and synthesizer pads. This track is excellent for use as a background for calm, reflective dialog, as well as romantic or emotional drama scenes.

News Flash

An intro for a breaking news show or a special report. Dramatic, grand, orchestral with a touch of electronic.

Memories of Spring

An uplifting track featuring a piano motif that builds with strings, leading to an inspirational climax. Perfect as a background for motivational, inspiring, emotional videos.

Joyful Moments | Hip Hop Electronic / Dark Quirky / Cinematic, Background

Premium Electronic, Ambient Instrumental full track in Hip Hop electronic genre. The Audio is Mastered with Elite Analog Hardwares. Mood of this track is dark quirky frantic chill optimistic bold. Emotion/Mood Valence: negative. Energy: medium. Energy Variation: medium. Tempo: Medium. BPM: 100. BPM ...

Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee

This is an ambient solo piano version of the Christian hymn with melody by Ludwig van Beethoven. Perfect for either religious or classical music uses.

Joy to the World

A beautiful and gently played nylon guitar arrangement of the public domain Christmas carol, "Joy to the World" with added harmonics and soft pad. Perfect for the more dramatic, and quieter moments of Christmas videos and presentations.

A Ghostly Silent Night

Downstairs on Halloween a lonely widow plays a Christmas carol in a minor key. Her ghostly husband plays the old upright in the dark basement, and their long lost child plays a toy piano somewhere in the attic.

Oh, How a Rose E'er Blooming

Delicate and unique solo piano version of the classic public domain Christmas and Advent hymn "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming." Perfect for holiday church services, offertory, prayer time, or quiet reflection.

The First Noel

An emotional and dramatic rendition of a christmas classic with chamber strings and piano. Heartfelt and spiritual, a beautiful thematic holiday track ideal for seasonal programming, drama, family, and holiday vlogs.

What Child Is This

Spanish flamenco version of a classic christmas song. Nylon guitars as lead and rhythm with handclaps, tambourine, and pizzicato strings. Somber serious intro that transitions to a driving flamenco groove. Great for world seasonal content, holiday themed commericals/ads, and travel vlogs

Twist Of Fate

serene melancholic track with piano as main instrument. Pad and percussion builds the song to the end. Cinematic reflective vibe great for montages or inspirational ads

Tender Dreams

Serene melancholic track with piano and guitar as main instruments. Calm and sentimental, & reflective vibe great for dramatic montages, inspirational ads, and corporate motivational content

Tainted Questions

Comtemplative and riveting modern neoclassical guitar ensemble track. Mysteriuos, intriguing, and poignant vibe with tense plucking, lead arpeggios, ambient fx and strong bass line. Suitable for artful tv/film programs, suspense, crime dramas, documentaries, and serious drama programming.

String Cloud

Uplifting and hopeful alternative track with dreamy guitars as lead. Dreamy, rejuvinating vibe great for ads TV/Film with self reflection

Solitary Calm

guitar based reflective, mellow corporate track with a hopeful, inspiring vibe. Dreamy electric guitars and electric piano. Suitable for corporate motivational and inspirational religious programming

Romanza In E Minor

Classical spanish guitar masterpiece by Fernando Sor on flamenco guitar. Elegant and emotional. Good for source music & TV/Film dramatic underscore

Romantic Spanish Guitar 2

Haunting and romantic solo spanish guitar duo track. Emotional and dramatic vibe. Melancholy and poignant. Great for TV/Film underscore and corporate content

O Little Town Of Bethlehem

A poignant classic christmas song rendition with tremolo guitar, orchestra, and bells. Serene, festive & heartwarming vibe great for family, drama, and seasonal oriented programming

Nocturne In Eb Major

Classical guitar rendition of frederic chopin's poignant piano masterpiece. Elegant and dramatic, suitable for TV/Film drama or source music for documentaries and social media content
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