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Epic Dramatic Trailer

A very dramatic track which could be a perfect trailer music. Expressive, solemn, absolutely cosmic drums and melancholic piano and strings create an atmosphere of mourning; a duduk, joining in in the second part, gives the music the air of the old times - heroic and romantic.

Cinematic orchestral discovery music

Bright cinematic orchestral composition with piano, strings and percussion, creating an atmosphere of discovery and optimism.

Call To Action

Somber and mournful strings build cinematically with delicate piano and acoustic guitar melodies. Ideal for trailers, documentaries, dramatic nature footage, news & politics.

Sadness of Love

Sadness of Love - Slow piece with romantic, sad mood featuring piano and synth. BPM - 55 Instrumentation - Piano, Synth, Bass Guitar Versions included: Sadness of Love - Full Version (2:36) Sadness of Love - Short Version (1:39)

Hopeful Positive Dreamy Ambient

Peaceful, soft and relaxed ambient background music, featuring synths, violins, cello, double bass, woodwinds and Kalimba. Dreamy and positive vibes, good for TV drama, documentaries, Drone footage/videos, nature videos and more!

Frozen Landscapes

Cinematic, awe-inspiring string swells, conveying feelings of awe, majesty, and respect for the natural world. Ideal for documentaries, trailers and media that depict vast, untamed environments.

Northern Lights

Beautiful, peaceful and inspiring piece of music, with synths and ambient electric guitar. This track can enhance any kind of video project that needs a positive and feelgood atmosphere! 2 variations available: - Main: 1:15 - Variation: 1:15

Hope And Glory

Emotional and sentimental piece of cinematic orchestral music, full of passion hopefulness! Instruments in use are piano, strings and woodwinds. The music starts calmly with piano only, and slowly builds up towards the end. Perfect for use as underscore in films, nature videos, drone/landscape foo...

Brighter Dark - (Peaceful Optimistic Bright Background)

Peaceful and slowly evolving background music with an optimistic, bright and hopeful undertone. Ambient piano and electric guitars. Perfect as underscore for documentaries, film, and other media projects that need a little extra spark!


Dark and melancholic synths with a dreamy and mellow piano on top. Slow and smooth build up. No drums or beat! This music is perfect as an underscore and background for film, documentaries, tv drama and other projects that have a melancholy mood!


Cinematic and romantic track in Hollywood style with a dreamy and sentimental feel. The instrumentation includes a poignant piano motif supported by a string orchestra. Perfect as a love theme for a movie, as well as for adverts, commercials, documentaries, slideshows and more.


Elegant and melodic piano opening followed by delicate fingerpicked acoustic guitar. Builds with pads and male vocals, creating a sense of warmth and beauty. Perfect background music for adverts, commercials, TV, YouTube videos, short films, movies, documentaries and more. Available versions (as p...

A Classical Story

A nice piece of orchestral music with an adventurous mood. The piece starts with a nice and quiet searching feeling, and slowly builds up to something more heroic! Perfect for nature videos, family videos, wedding videos and more! Instruments: - String section, woodwind section, brass section, cel...

Romantic Piano Chopin Inspiration

Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style and genre is Classical piano, inspired directly from romantic Chopin Compositions. The mood is romantic and calm, and the play is plenty of expressiveness and emotional feelings. This music is a perfect background for romantic calm scenes in films, d...

Meditative Sad Piano

Instrumental music made for piano. The style is a mix between background soundtrack and minimal new age music. The mood is sad and mournful, with a little bit of mysterious feelings. The rhythm is slow and expressive. This music fits perfect for dramatic calm scenes, sadness and dark calm situations...

Dramatic Cinematic Sadness

Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. The style is Soundtrack classical music and the mood is sad and mournful. The music starts with the piano palying the main notes of the composition. Later, the music incresases the dramatic intensity with the incorporation of the additional orchestral...
Yann Keerim
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