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Under the Illusion

An ominous, suspenseful, soundscape of pulsating synth pad layers. Unobtrusive, yet tension-building.

Found In Faith

A dark, foreboding, mysterious, dramatic and cinematic background track featuring piano, electric guitar swells, synth layers and a subtle percussion loop, all building up to a powerful climax. Perfect as a dramatic underscore to a story of inspiration and discovery.


This track opens with unsettling minor chords and a pulsing heartbeat, and builds energy with strings and the sound of a ticking clock.

In the Deep Darkness

A dark, moody, mysterious background track. Someone is searching for answers in the depths of their soul.

Finding My Way

A short, musical journey of self-discovery and finding one's rhythm in life. An inspiring, motivational, contemplative, rhythmic background track.

Dark Water Voyage

An ominous, somewhat anxious track featuring pulsating synth pad layers and strings. Ideal as a dark cinematic background.

Looking Beyond

This track starts with a simple piano motif, and builds in intensity throughout, adding more layers of acoustic guitars, percussion and synthesizer pads. This track is excellent for use as a background for calm, reflective dialog, as well as romantic or emotional drama scenes.

piano piano 2

A compilation of minimal solo piano music. It presents structures of repeated patterns that slowly and gradually, seemingly unconsciously, change in rhythm, speed, or form, creating a fascinating soundscape of slowly changing colors and patterns. A compilation of minimal solo piano music.


Epic, Cinematic, Powerful and Orchestral music with tracks that perfectly fits for YouTube videos, films, TV, presentations, background music, photo slideshows, websites, commercials, advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, web advertisements, successful and business videos, games, visuals a...

Midnight Dreams

A lively Future Bass tune that creates the chillout ambiance of a midnight dream, in the dream a girl is flying around the night sky searching for a tower that hides the treasure of her memories. The song incorporates future trap drums, synth lead and pad, mallets, deep sub bass, foley, and ethnic f...

First Steps

A quiet, contemplative piano background track, with soft synth layers, strings and a gentle percussion loop.

Memories of Spring

An uplifting track featuring a piano motif that builds with strings, leading to an inspirational climax. Perfect as a background for motivational, inspiring, emotional videos.

Hopeful Steps

A 30-second track featuring a soft acoustic guitar drive with a little synthesizer pad and percussion. Hopeful, ambitious, and inspirational.

Urban Investigation Electronic Tension Background

A suspensful hip-hop infused electronic tension track, featuring synth melodies, trap beats, brass stabs and 808 bass, great for TV series, documentaries, investigative journalism, vlogs, or podcasts.
Yann Keerim
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