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Long Run

Long Run - Progressive, relaxing, cool track featuring synths, piano, electric guitar and saxophone. BPM - 105 Instrumentation - Piano, Synths, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Saxophone, Marimba, Strings, Percussion, Drums Versions included: Long Run - Full version (2:23) Long Run - Soundbed (2:...

Beautiful Ambient Background

Emotional background music with beautiful and simple piano, synths, pads and ambient percussions. Excellent for travel and nature videos.

The Power of a Black Hola

Instrumental electronic Space Ambient music made for synthesizers, electric pianos, pluck synths and soundscapes. Ideal for Sci-Fi and futuristic tv series and films in epic situations. Also great for space and future tech documentaries.

Epic Story

Epic Story - Epic trailer track with an emotive and action feel featuring strings, piano and percussion. BPM - 160 Instrumentation - Strings, Choir, Piano, Una Corda, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trombone, Tuba, Harp, Timpani, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Drums Versions included: Epic Story - Full version (...

Bursts of emotion (Dramatic hopeful music)

Emotional cinematic orchestral music with dramatic atmosphere and hopeful mood. Combined with nostalgic, dramatic, sad, social videos, animations, slideshows, YouTube content, etc.

Immediacy life (Careless cheerful music)

A light positive composition with a carefree atmosphere and a cheerful mood. Combined with calm, peaceful, fun and presentation videos, comedy, commercial projects, etc.

Have Fun

Have Fun - Groovy, exciting and chillout track with a good feel featuring electric guitar, acoustic guitar and piano. BPM - 100 Instrumentation - Piano, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Synths, Strings, Tuba, Trombone, Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Percussion, Drums Versions included: Have ...

Travel in India Edits

Groovy hip-hop theme with native Indian elements. Tabla, sitar, Indian flute, female voice, drums and modern synths makes interesting outstanding fusion. This item is perfect for travel media projects, Indian commercial and cinema.

Liquid Processing

A clean minimalistic background with an electronic vibe great for technology innovation projects, digital advertising, corporate or promo.

Micron Technology

A minimalistic ambient background great for technology videos, futuristic media, promos or modern visuals.

For What It's Worth - 30 sec.

Fun, upbeat and positive track with piano lead. Nice melody. Similar in style to George Winston, or Bruce Hornsby. Great for background narrative for commercial, or branding. Light rock. Loving and relational. Elegant and romantic. Positively emotional vibe. Laid back and encouraging. Smooth and eve...

Moonlight Sonata (Ludwig Van Beethoven)

A beautiful performance of one of Beethoven's most famous pieces. Very emotional and sad, this is a perfect track for projects needing romantic, heartfelt, dreamy solo piano music.

Harmonies du Soir (Franz Liszt)

A wonderful rendition of the classical piano piece by Franz Liszt. Starting very quiet, then gradually building throughout, this is a perfect track for projects needing delicate, heartfelt, passionate solo piano music.

Clair De Lune (Claude Debussy)

A beautiful performance of the famous classical piano piece by Claude Debussy. Very emotional and nostalgic, this is a perfect track for projects needing romantic, heartfelt, dreamy solo piano music.
Yann Keerim
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