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Night Shadows

Eerie and mystery background music with slow LoFi hip hop rhythms, piano jazz chords and elecric piano solo and trumpet solos, ideal composition in dark and suspense situations and scenes in films, tv series and other productions with similar eerie feelings.

Karen On The Prowl

Whimsical and quirky dramedy cue with pizzicato strings, cello, percussion, glock, and funny sound fx. Sneaky, nosy, lighthearted, comedic, and michievous vibes. Great for sitcoms, realtiy shows, dramas, comedy, and wholesome programming

Quirky Playful Pizzicato

A minimal, playful and quirky cinematic track featuring just pizzicato strings and a bell. It’s funny, whimsical, and a bit awkward! Best for funny music themes, comedy videos, cute videos, short films, TV shows, trailers, funny scenes, awkward scenes, games, social media, apps and more.


Comedy, curious, orchestral track which brings curiosity and mystery. It’s kinda funny too!

Ninja Ritual

An ethnic mysterious song with Japanese instruments like Shakuhachi flute. Suitable for games, trailers and vlogs dealing with ninjas and Japan.

Being Sneaky

msyterious and supsenseful track that would work well in mystery scenes.

Investigating the Dark

Ominous and tense background track consisting of brooding strings and synthesizer elements. The obscure and dense quality of the piece paints a bleak and somewhat dangerous atmosphere.

Sneaky Mickey

Mickey is such a sneaky person, he is always lying in wait in the shadows waiting for the opportunity to arise with his hat, his leather gloves and his dark sunglasses.

Breaking Into Principal's Office

Funny Cinematic track suitable for sneaky and Spy scenes with a funny and childish and comedy touch. Orchstral arrangement with pizzicato strings, marimba and percussion


Strings, confidence, proud, pride, party, flex, winner, rap, hip-hop, trap, sneaky, epic, dance, bounce, epic, anthem, battle, gangster, gangsta, hits

Little Witch

Gloomy, but at the same time very kind and positive orchestral music created in the style of Disney fairy tales. Perfect for Halloween projects, animation projects, costume parties, cartoon, films, shows, youtube videos, christmas video, tv, radio, advertising, games etc.
Yann Keerim
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