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Inspirational fantasy background

Beautiful acoustic background theme, giving peace of mind, inspiration and a positive attitude.

Business hold music presentations

Presentation of inspirational music for business projects with a positive atmosphere and attitude of success.

Dramatic space music

Dramatic sad background music with space atmosphere and attitude of hope.

Driving Southern Rock

Driving Southern Rock is a very cool track with nice gimmicks and lots of attitude. The track is driven by bouncy guitar riffs and root slide guitare solos. Great fit for biker, rider, car, sports, lifestyle themes and commercials as well as for trailers, movies and video games. Instrumentation : ...

Uplifting Powerful Rock Big Toms

Uplifting driving hard rock track featuring drums, vocal singing (no lyrics), electric guitars, electric bass.

No Rules [Indie Rock Energetic Driving Stomp Clap Guitar Hook]

Energetic upbeat indie rock track, full of good vibes and attitude. Featuring punchy drums, claps & stomps, piano, catchy & driving lead and rhythm electric guitar and powerful vocal hey’s . This track is easily loopable with simple editing to fit any length required for the project.

Hard Rocking Outlaws

This is one of your items. Download Preview Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Add to Favorites In Collection Hard Rocking Outlaws is a very cool Southern Rock track with nice gimmicks and lots of attitude. The track is driven by roots harmonica lines and wicked guitar solos. Great fit for ...

Side Stride

A playful funky House track with a bouncy bass line and a cheeky walking synth melody. A Quirky up to date tune for children with plenty of attitude.


A powerful fast paced Drum and Bass tune with plenty of attitude. Nasty electric Dubstep bass lines, dark soundscapes and gated synth sounds set the tone for this moody track.


A very moody Drum and Bass track with deep rolling bass line, driving beats, tense horror pads and Dubstep drops. This powerful track has plenty of attitude and aggression.

Highest Mountains On Earth (Adventure Epic Theme) - Seamless Loop

Instrumental cinematic music,fully produced,suitable for shots with landscapes,nature and more. This music triggers the imagination of the viewer with the slight 'Eastern mood' including instruments such as hang drum,percussion,vilolins,guitar,harp and electronic sounds.
Yann Keerim
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