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Cabaret Electro Swing

Uptempo electro-swing track with cool retro sound: quirky brass section, swaggy dance beat, gypsy guitar, vinyl scratching. Cheeky jazzy vibe with a contemporary groove. Perfect for: advertising and Commercials; burlesque and Vaudeville culture; live shows presentations; comedy sketches; 1920s – 4...

Lo-fi Hip-Hop Jazz with Relaxing Harp

A relaxing lo-fi jazz song with hip-hop elements. Perfect for a DIY crafts video, cooking video, etc.

Lo-fi Hip-Hop Jazz with Catchy Vocal Hook

A relaxing jazzy hip-hop inspired song with a catchy vocal hook targeted towards young people, but with and old feel.

Building Success (20s)

This is a positive, serious and motivational track that brings images of teamwork, positive, achievement and success. This track is the perfect choice for any construction and business project related to finding an inspirational corporate theme. Ideal for: video reviews, inspirational projects, inn...

Silent Movie Ragtime

Old school vintage happy solo piano ragtime. Ideal for silent movies, pub scenes, saloon bars and comedy. Perfect for advertising, background, funny sketches and presentations.

Killer Jazz

Rampant, exuberant big band swing track bringing all the majesty of Hollywood musicals back. Powerful brass and rhythm sections, great solo improvisations, pure jazzy retro sound for this freaky track that will make you want to dance.

Breaking News Rag

We are in the 20s and the notes of an old piano tell us about a tricky and dangerous story of the gangster in the streets of New York. Think about Charlie Chaplin and silent movies.

3 Cafe De Tour Blanc

A playful accordion meldy perfect for background in travel videos. Parisien Chic style. A solo electric guitar appears in the middle of the track.

Comedy Slapstick Ragtime Piano

A fun composition in the Scott Joplin ragtime style, suitable in a comedy scene or animation / cartoon. Comes in a version with ending, and a seamless loop.

Acoustic Guitar Southern Blues

Deep southern acoustic guitar blues track with acoustic guitars, bass and drums. Suits a documentary or tv show about travel, or one that’s set in the outback / countryside / remote areas.

Feeling Of Success (20sec Version)

This is a 20sec version of Feeling Of Success. Motivational and inspiring music track featuring strong guitar riffs, orchestral strings, upbeat drums and synthesizers. Great for commercials, corporate presentations, product promos, online marketing videos, business projects and more.

Stride Piano Fun

Happy-playful, positive solo piano piece, 1920s-style, featuring a light, easy, funny melody. Perfect for romantic comedies!

Bootsy Rag

Very positive, relaxed, happy ragtime jazz, 1920s-style, featuring a muted trumpet, piano and lively brush drums. Perfect for commercials, documentaries, film score!


A fun jazzy authentic 1920s dixieland piece features trumpet, clarinet, banjo and tuba. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Production | Whimsical Music

little tramp

A fun jazzy authentic 1920s dixieland piece features trumpet, clarinet, banjo and tuba. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Production | Whimsical Music

parisian cafe ( piano only)

Traditional ragtime dixieland piece featuring piano as the solo instrument with a fast tempo. Great for comedies, Cartoons, children's productions or film depicting the 1920s and 1930s. Silent films come to mind. Keystone Cops, Charly Chaplan etc..Great for any period work of the early 20th century,...
Yann Keerim
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