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Cool, laid-back Hip Hop track with catchy, quirky synths. Mysterious and dark.

Cruisin' La Barrio

Cool Latin, Spanish track with percussion and catchy acoustic guitar melody

Crossing Over

Old-school Hip Hop beat with quirky catchy synths and guitars. Cool and fun!

Crime Buster

Dark Hip Hop groove with catchy synths, mysterious sfx and scratching. Tense and suspenseful.

Colors Fade

Cool laid-back solid groove with funky guitar, synths and samples.

Chillin Out

Modern Hip Hop track with solid beat and cool catchy synths. Sure to get you movin!


Modern teen Pop track with solid groove, catchy edgy synths and sfx. Upbeat and energetic.

Better Off With Me

Modern hip hop/pop track with solid groove, acoustic guitar and cool synths. Mysterious feel. Great for background music!

Bedroom Time

Erotic, sexy slow Blues track with emotional electric guitar and solid drum/bass groove.

Beat And Bass

Upbeat, quirky old school hip hop track with solid beat, funky guitar and catchy synths.

All Together

Upbeat, quirky old school hip hop track with solid beat and catchy synths.

Yeah Baby

Catchy modern Pop track with driving beat, synths and catchy vocal samples

Weird Brain

Strange, wacky electro track with quirky synths and Pop Dance beat

Up And About

Upbeat Electro Pop track with cool synths and solid groove

Tripping Around

Trippy electronic track with cool beat and weird synths

Strip Tease

Sensual, romantic track with mellow groove and sexy atmosphere

So Electro

Catchy electro Pop track with solid groove and quirky synths

Sleak And Sexy

Cool, laid back ambient track with solid Hip Hop beat and catchy synths

Shot In The Dark

Catchy electronic track with cool groove and quirky synths
Yann Keerim
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