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Embark on a mesmerizing journey with "Aether," a composition that draws inspiration from the ancient concept of aether, the fifth element. Across time and cultures, aether has been revered as the celestial substance filling the vast expanse beyond our earthly realm. In "Aether," we delve into the es...

Quirky Playful Pizzicato

A minimal, playful and quirky cinematic track featuring just pizzicato strings and a bell. It’s funny, whimsical, and a bit awkward! Best for funny music themes, comedy videos, cute videos, short films, TV shows, trailers, funny scenes, awkward scenes, games, social media, apps and more.


Calm background track consisting of marimba, piano and some rhythmic elements to create a sense of thoughtfulness.

Intriguing Beginnings

Curious sounding track featuring marimba, piano complemented by lush sounds and effects.


‘Baseline’, just like ’Up’, is one of those bass-melody experiments. It is a bass that becomes a melody and vice versa. This one was first written on paper, without the use of an instrument, in a more conceptual way. I love using bowed basses to be in unison with the pizzicato ones. It reall...

Pondering Background Theme

A reflective piano theme elegantly moved forward by synthesizers and rhythmic elements.

Story Introduction Theme

Exciting friendly musical introduction consisting of piano, marimba and rhythmic elements.

New Insights

This musical theme represents curiosity, science, learning and reaching conclusions. The piece includes real life recordings and is produced to high standards to achieve an original sound. Will work perfectly as a theme in your documentary, film, game or other productions seeking a rich captivating ...

Curious Background

A friendly background track setting a curious and interesting mood. The track consists of marimba, piano and percussive elements keeping things fresh until the end. Will work perfectly in your film, documentary, corporate video or any other production seeking a kind high quality tone.

Open Questions Background Tension

Reflective and slightly suspenseful background track featuring marimba, synth, piano and other elements. Very useful for documentaries, podcasts or any other production seeking an unobtrusive background track to complete a narrative.

Endless Summer Inspiration

"Endless Summer Inspiration" is a beautiful, melodic, inspiring and uplifting ambient guitar track with a sunny, summertime surf vibe. Evokes many other feelings such as optimism, hopeful, motivational, peaceful, heartwarming and warmth. Perfect for travel / adventure / outdoor vlogs, lifestyle medi...

Waiting in Line

Positive tension bed featuring synthesizers, piano, marimba, bells and arpeggios. Perfect to use as background music in documentaries, corporate videos or other productions in need of light tension music.

Fascinating Complexity

Thoughtful and reflective background track that can be used in podcasts, documentaries or other productions. Perfect to use when you need interesting music that does not compete with other elements like narration. The mood is investigative, technological and slightly melancholic without losing energ...

Explore The World

A relaxing yet captivating beat with a catchy rhythm ideal for projects about travel, exploring new places, and enjoying the exciting things in life. Four versions are available: Full version (3:08) 60-second version (1:00) 30-second version (0:30) Stinger

Exploring Deep Space Planets

Instrumental space ambient music made for synthesizers, soundscapes and drum machines, ideal for space, tech and science documentaries, sci-fi movies and tv series. Also great for relaxation, spa and natural therapies.

Nature Documentary

Relaxing and inspiring atmosferic song arranged with african instruments, giving it a savanna and jungle flavour, and teleporting your mind to those african nature documentaries.

African Documentary

Exotic tune that brings up images of Africa. Featuring Kora, the african harp, Djembe and other african percussions and balafon, the african marimba.
Yann Keerim
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