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Big City Lights

Soulful lounge track with electric piano, trumpet, groovy melodic bass, and vintage Hammond. Perfect for the fashion show, a show of stylish luxury living, innovative videos, vlog, luxury living, fashion reviews, summer entertaining videos, bar and chill zones, party or luxury brand presentation.

Tea Party

Image a living kettle working in a cosy kitchen preparing everything for a nice afternoon tea. Boiling water, baking cookies & muffins, getting al the tea cups and cutlery in order on the rolling tray. With the barrel organ, pizzicatos and flutes it's a happy tune that kids will love.

Mysterious Cinematic Underscore

A suspenseful, spooky orchestral track, featuring atmospheric arco strings, elegant pizzicato strings, celesta, acoustic guitar and harp. Many edit points. Perfect for eerie ads, commercials, promo, trailer, youtube, corporate, tv or any kind of scary scene. Creepy background, halloween, trick or tr...

Snowboard Drill

This is an upbeat happy punk rock track. It features fast-paced, driving drums and energetic guitar riffs that create a lively and energetic sound, contain a positive message of living in the moment and not being afraid to take risks. It's a classic punk rock anthem that is sure to get your blood pu...

Fiery Tango

A passionate and melodic Tango track that features a string quartet, an acoustic guitar, a trumpet, and percussion. It is great for movies, films, documentaries, advertisements, commercials, and more.

Rasta Movement

The perfect track to deliver that heavy Dub and Reggae atmosphere. Dusty Organs and Chopped Guitars .

ThunderRock // Classic Solid Rock Music

ThunderRock is a powerful and energetic rock track. Inspired by 80s rock bands, it is perfect to highlight your project with a great combination of hard rock guitar riffs, powerful drums, inspired hammond organ, rock bass and epic percussions. Drums, bass, guitars and organ are real instruments pe...

Indie Pop

Powerful, energetic pop rock with electric guitars and vocal accents.

Sleepless City

Deep emotional underground hip hop music with original rap vocals for social themes like living in streets, gangs and struggling with police.

American Folklands

A rolling folk pop tribute to this land we call America. Great for travel videos, patriotic videos, or any video about living in these great United States. Features acoustic guitar strumming, light humming vocals, hand claps, finger snaps, piano and bells.

Chillin At The Beach

A relaxed Hip-Hop summer loop with 808 drums, smooth synths and chilled bass. Imagine cruising with a boat around Caribbean beaches, light waves reflecting sunbeams and life just feels great. That’s “Chillin At The Beach”.

Organic Lifestyle

Organic Lifestyle is a light and uplifting piece of guitar music with claps which turns into an uplifting piece of music. It creates positive feelings. Perfect music for commercials and presentaion for organic products and health products.

Luxury Living

Luxury Living is a laid back chill track which is perfect to promote high class restaurants or hotels. It's perfect if you're looking for an exclusive image.

Joy Ride

An inspiring, soft indie pop track that creates a great mood. As a source of living water flows through the earth, giving life to all living things and filling them with its energy. All the best feelings come to life and capture us. For your best video projects. Let’s create together!

Bills Under Sofa

This is a rap song about being rich and living up life. Great for urban rich kid scenes.

Living, Breathing, Calm: Soothing New Year's Eve Soundscape (Ten Minutes of Meditative Ambiance)

This is a soothing, inspiring instrumental piece. Ideal for restorative yoga, massage, cafe, and spa backgrounds, this is a very versatile track. This clip could also help in film projects, cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, adv...

Give Me One Good Reason

This is a pop/rock song that incorporates electronic elements. It’s a very depressing and emotional song. Its about living with regret and seeing no reason to keep going on.
Yann Keerim
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