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JLT- Hammond Drunk

Composer: TMC
Jazzy transitions Piano - hammond - drums Variations

Playful Vintage Rock

Composer: Roger Stark
Playful and upbeat classic British rock. This funny and groovy piece has a 60s / 70s flavour. It will work great with any project that requires a retro / vintage vibe.

Dog with a Ball

Composer: Muza
Very fun positive modern feelgood music for happy, optimistic people. Friendly, sunny, catchy track, features drive guitar, Hammond organ and claps.

Trip To Vegas

Composer: MusicTrend
This is catchy, fun and funky retro music with 60s-70s style. This tune can be perfect for casino videos, retro oldies videos, cocktail and bar background music, gambling videos, funny trip and travel videos, retro movies and trailers, vlogs and adventure videos. Main instruments are acoustic bass, ...

Groovy And Funky

Composer: SnowMusicStudio
Groovy and energetic funky instrumental music track with electric organs, wah and drive guitars, brass, drums and bass. Mix of funk and modern rock, has some feeling of urgency, tension, drive.

On A Wing And Prayer

Composer: Michael Adels
Funky track featuring a talkbox, electric guitar, gospel choir, slap bass, brass, hammond organ and drums.

Funk Groove

Funk style with energetic bass, electric guitars with wah wah effect, drums, organ, rhodes piano and brass ? uplifting and cheerful. Perfect for commercials, videos, films, TV promos and all motivational and inspirational projects.

Sunshine People

Composer: Juris Eihmanis
A powerful reggae rocksteady with a catchy brass that will surely get your head bobbing. Motivating electric guitars and a rhytmic organ set make this a perfect summer weekend party anthem just in time for the beach. This music is perfectly played around tropical hotels and resorts or other holiday ...

Der Heinz

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A slow tempo alternative rock ballad with acoustic and electric guitars, Hammond organ and bass.

Terminated Car

Composer: Michael Adels
An energetic and driving theme with distorted guitars, a straight synth bass, hypnotic guitar pattern and hammond organ.


Composer: Shawn Wynne
A gentle piano chord sequence forms the core element of this track. Hammond lead arpeggios spring into the upper range contrasting against the dreamy choral voice & string harmonies creating a sense of fond reflection while the bass completes the sound adding depth in the lower range.

My lucky dream day

Composer: hooyoosay
Happy sounding instrumental, twangy guitar having a conversation with Rhodes piano and Hammond, leaving the listener daydreaming about that tropical paradise or that long-forgotten fun theme park.

Back And Forth

Composer: White Cat Music
A joyful, bouncy country track, with a retro flavor, reminiscent of the 60's rock&roll sounds. Nice guitars, violins and hammond organ, all played by real musicians. Happy and optimistic without being too frenetic or too invasive, very flexible and versatile, ideal as background for a variety of pro...

Groovy Funk

Composer: SnowMusicStudio
Groovy funky instrumental music track. Perfect for videos, films, advertising, commercials, sports videos, games and other projects.
Yann Keerim
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