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Curious Background

A friendly background track setting a curious and interesting mood. The track consists of marimba, piano and percussive elements keeping things fresh until the end. Will work perfectly in your film, documentary, corporate video or any other production seeking a kind high quality tone.

Ladies Adventures

Ladies Adventures is a stylish and elegant song which could be the perfect soundtrack for any projects that need of a playful mood. This catchy track can be used as a musical background for any kind of fashion videos, videos about adventures, night life of big cities, love and lady`s beauty, adverts...

Add Some Style

An instrumental Neo Soul track with an elegant vibe. Perfect for vlogs.

Stealing the Nights

An instrumental R&B track with a smooth sensual vibe. Perfect for vlogs.

School Punk

A fun, down-to-earth and simple punk composition. Nostalgia for the school days when everyone wanted to play the guitar and beat the drums loudly. Perfect for dubbing youth themes and TV shows.


Carefree university youth. It’s great to love, hang out and play hit punk rock in the garage. Meet a new track in the style of teenage pop punk. For convenience, there are several versions of the track in the archive: Campus – 2:12 Campus Long – 2:51 Campus short – 1:03 Campus short2 – 0:4...

Board game

The romance that this piece produces is simply amazing. It takes you back to the days when you were in love with someone as a child. What a wonderful piece.

Chillin To The Beat (short version)

Cool, groovy Electro Chill / Pop track with solid beat, catchy guitar melody, spacey synths and vocoder. This track has an uplifting, inspiring, carefree vibe, great as trendy modern background music for videos, games, presentations, television, film productions.

At Breaking Point (short version)

A very powerful and punchy track with pounding piano, dark synths and solid Hip Hop drum beat. Great for action, adventure, dramatic, sports, epic, suspense, tension projects.


A happy background track with a positive, inspirational and motivational mood based on a steady beat and a really catchy piano and guitar harmonics melody hook. This optimistic and uplifting music bed is a perfect choice to complete your project if you’re sicking smooth and unobtrusive music that ...

A Vintage Romance

An instrumental slow-tempo Soul track with a romantic vibe.

Wonder Groove

An instrumental Funk track with a catchy bass line and an energetic mood.

Open Questions Background Tension

Reflective and slightly suspenseful background track featuring marimba, synth, piano and other elements. Very useful for documentaries, podcasts or any other production seeking an unobtrusive background track to complete a narrative.

Summer Upbeat Rock

Live positively, live happily, live beautifully. Our new summer rock track conveys all these feelings: Positive, joy, happiness. Clockwork beat and interesting riff. For ease of editing, the archive includes short versions of 10, 20, 30 and 60 seconds. Summer Upbeat Rock Full – 2:14 Summer Upbeat ...

High School Punk

It’s a good old school punk. The track fits perfectly into a youth comedy in the style of American Pie. A verse with development and a chorus with drive. All right.
Yann Keerim
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