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Travel China

Travel China is a relaxed Asian Pop instrumental, which is perfect for any material relating to China or Asia. The Chinese percussion, flute and zither ad the ethnic flavor to this piece of music and your project as well.


Mellow and organic chillout track, with acoustic drums, bass groove and emotive piano, building throughout and climaxing with laid back lead guitar outro.


A measured, technological hip hop track. Atmospheric and steady synthesizer parts create a positive ambient mood with elements of technology.

Joy Ride

An inspiring, soft indie pop track that creates a great mood. As a source of living water flows through the earth, giving life to all living things and filling them with its energy. All the best feelings come to life and capture us. For your best video projects. Let’s create together!

Happy Man

A charged but relaxing track with an electronic modern sound. You can enjoy music and still feel energy and positive emotions. Let’s create amazing video projects together!

Chillout Future Bass

Beautiful and easy future bass track with glitchy vocal and positve mood. Perfect for: advertising, presentation, vlog, intro, travel, lifestyle, commercial, design, broadcast tv, stylish video, backstage, background.

The Future is Now

Calm and futuristic abstract track with many atmospheres, plucks, choirs, vocals, fx, percussion, soft beat and deep bass. Mood: deep, thinking, imagine. Best for: advertising, presentatrion,corporate, business, design, apps, commercial, technological video, science, high-tech, abstract video, sli...

Forest Bathing

Calm relaxing beat with Japanese influences. Tight kick, fat 808 bass and traditional asian instruments.

Space Facets

Space, surround and soft track with a vintage sound. It will fit perfectly into a project that needs an atmospheric mood. Let’s create cool projects together!

Jazz Heart

A romantic jazz chillout piano with a relaxing rhythm, melody and vocalization. Moments of joy, happiness and relaxation. All this is in this track. Let's create amazing projects together!
Yann Keerim
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