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Just Breathe: Ambient Meditative Soundscape

This meditative soundscape was composed with yoga, massage, and spa backgrounds in mind. Featuring numerous electronic flourishes and a calm ambient vibe, this piece is perfect for a wide variety of situations and projects. This clip could also help in film projects, cartoons, video games, YouTube...

Christmas Emotional Piano

A beautiful and emotional piano with light, festive bells convey warmth and hope in this Christmas holiday track.

That's The Way My Love Goes - mellow rock David Crosby, Astral Drive, Fleetwood Mac, Todd Rundgren

Reflective love song with melancholy overtones. Other influences include Christopher Cross, Ambrosia, and John Cale. Sweet and rich with light harmonies, and plenty of background motion despite the moderate tempo.

I Don't Know If I Love You - elegant love song similar to Vince Gill, Ed Sheeran, Bread

In every relationship there's a moment when you question whether you're still in Phase 1, or if things have progressed to the next level. This is a discussion of that moment, done in a gentle acoustic setting with light harmonies and male vocal.

First Rodeo - Southern Rock inspired by classic Eagles sound. High energy, big harmonies. Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney

Country/Rock song about seeing the end of a relationship, but preparing to move forward and start again. No hard feelings, all is forgiven. Classic sound inspired by The Eagles opens with a capella vocals before kicking into a driving 122 BPM rhythm, with plenty of harmonies.

Moving Clouds

Peaceful, ambient meditation background music for study, yoga and relaxation. Also great for underscoring scenes with themes like self reflection, romance and love.

Counting Blessings

Counting Blessings is a meditative, ethereal instrumental that elicits feelings of happiness and contentment. This clip could help in film projects, radio bits, cartoons, video games, podcasts, blogs, YouTube videos, websites, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, advertisements, ...

We´ll Come Along

This is an optimistic track, starting as a piano and cello tune, it builds up to an orchestral arrangement with an epic an emotive ending, it’s inspirational and motivational character make this tune ideal for any kind of project trying to thrill the audience.

Sentimental dreams

An emotional composition of piano and strings, creating an atmosphere of feelings, emotions and nostalgic mood. Combined with nostalgic, calm, sad, dramatic, social videos, slide shows, etc.

Light insight

Sentimental acoustic composition with piano, creating a sensual atmosphere and emotional mood. Combined with sentimental, dramatic videos, nostalgic, love themes, slide shows, social videos, etc.

Funk Groove (Gotta Love)

This is joyful, energetic and upbeat retro groove track. Featuring bass, horns, piano, drums and percussions. Best for movie trailers, spy scenes, games, films, lifestyle, background music, funny commercials, commercials, cooking videos, media presentations, startup videos, youtube videos, advertisi...

Beauty Vlog

Sweet, emotional and romantic acoustic music track. Perfect for background music in slideshows, inspirational, motivational and uplifting presentations, romantic & sentimental videos, love story, life achievements, makeup training, wedding and romantic videos, Beauty Vlog and more.

Sunny Bunnies

Funny and bright happy instrumental music track. Perfect for any happy and fun videos, summer holidays, celebration or party, positive commercial, animated slideshow, childrens TV show, childhood, YouTube kids channel, kids Instagram, playground, happy background music, funny pets and animals, famil...

Cozy Streets

Easy listening beautiful music track. Good for cinematic, romantic videos, travel vlogs and any beautiful projects.

Morning Lights

Catchy indie folk beat with acoustic guitars, claps, drums, vocal hooks and atmospheric pads. Perfect for any uplifting and inspiring videos such as advertising, marketing, product launching, vlogs, podcasts, youtube intros, broadcasting and more.
Yann Keerim
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