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Cooking (Food Lovers)

This is an energetic, playful, and happy kids’ track with a catchy melody, bright ukulele, and energetic “hey” shouts by children. It’s perfect for any project that needs a touch of fun and excitement, such as children’s commercials, presentations, games, cartoons, and vlogs.

Acoustic (Golden Love)

Happy – light, uplifting and positive acoustic track. This music perfect for creative commercial, slideshow, TV advertising, art, business, corporate projects, travel project, adventure, technology and innovations, beauty of nature, landscapes, lifestyle, fishing videos, presentation, family vide...

Wings Of Destiny

Dramatic, exciting, inspiring and epic composition for movies and games, trailers, teasers, advertising and other projects! Instruments in track: drums, basses, cellos, violins, trumpets, trombones and piano. Enjoyable listening!

In Dreams

Sensual, sentimental, dreamy and touching composition for movies, games and other projects! It is well suited for videos with romantic, hearty and inspirational scenes. Enjoyable listening!


Disturbing, powerful, sorrow and energetic metal composition for your video, audio collections and other projects! Enjoyable listening!

Distant Sorrow

Sentimental, inspired, compassionate and relaxing composition for your video, audio collections and other projects. Perfect for film and games with a sad, sentimental, sensual and tragic scenes, also dramatic and sorrowful endings. Thanks for listening!

Corporate Video Upbeat Background

Elevate Your Content with "Corporate Video Upbeat Background". When it comes to setting the perfect tone for your projects, "Corporate Video Upbeat Background" is your ultimate choice! This dynamic and uplifting music track is meticulously crafted to infuse your content with boundless energy, mot...

Our Story

Inspiration beautiful background track. Perfect for advertisements, slideshows, promos, presentations, podcasts, travel videos, YouTube, and more

Nostalgic Piano

A sentimental and nostalgic piano piece with a beautiful melody. Perfect for documentaries, home videos, baby videos, and any project that requires an emotional vibe.

The Jade Forest

The jade forest appears before my eyes, a resplendent green. We then feel the magic that sets in with the piano and the warm strings.

Warm Acoustic

Perfect acoustic music for inspirational videos, commercials, advertising, documentaries, presentations, TV, YouTube, slideshows, film, trailers, romantic videos, wedding videos, travel and pet and animal shows, art projects, real estate, vlogs, content, family videos, natural beauty, summer, and mo...

Birth of Life

Use it for your wedding projects, family history, youtube content, time-lapse, lovely videos, montages, slideshows, art projects and more

Love Story

Love Story is a soft, orchestral track that beautifully captures the essence of love and wedding memories. Its gentle, flowing melodies create an atmosphere of romance and tenderness, perfect for heartfelt moments and cherished stories

Warm Breath

Perfect for: commercials, trailers, beautiful and emotional videos, historical films, teasers, intro, games, presentations, titles, titres, time-lapse and landscapes

After The Storm

Sad and emotional orchestra music. This track featuring piano, strings, woodwinds, brass and choir. Good for drama movies, advertisement, montages, romantic videos, photo slideshows, love story, travel videos, sentimental videos and nature videos

Spring Mood (Happy Acoustic Upbeat)

Happy and relaxing acoustic audio track perfect to set an optimistic mood in your project! This track featuring acoustic guitars, emotional piano, percussion and strings. Suitable for any projects, including corporate presentations, lifestyle and travel, tutorials, family videos, web, app, game, rad...
Yann Keerim
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