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Kung Fu Warriors

An action Kung Fu styled theme mixing brass band, orchestral violins and traditional chinese instruments such as bamboo flute, plucked Ehru, Gu Zheng and other ethnic percussions. It has a Retro vibe like in old kung fu movies but is produced with a modern, clean and punchy sound. Great fit for a...

Carefree Celebration

Carefree Celebration is a bubbly reggae track that puts a smile on your face. It features upbeat electric guitars, choppy rhodes piano, bouncy reggae drums and drum fills, bass guitar, shaker, amusing brass and cheery flute. Style: Music for kids. Fun vlog. Quirky comedy. Mood: Cheerful fun and po...

Hopeful Calm Meditation Ident

Calm and friendly ident consisting of two bass flutes and piano. The spatial mix glues the elements further together and provoke a sense of peace and calmness.

Christmas Adventure (Full)

An epic cinematic Christmas track featuring flute, oboe, strings, sleigh bells, chimes, tubular bells and brass. The track builds from a smooth beginning with an atmospheric, magical intro through a driving buildup to an epic climax unleashing the full force of the orchestra reinforced by female cho...

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas – magical track that will create a festive mood and inspire you for good deeds! Ideal for Christmas videos, Christmas, New Year’s purchases, children’s videos, cartoons, children’s parties Christmas promos, Christmas releases, Christmas frames, Christmas slideshows, Christmas...

Chinese Sorrowful Epic (Soundtrack)

It is a Chinese sorrowful, sentimental, fragile, fleeting, grieving and epic track using the Chinese flute called Bawu. Perfect for Chinese movie, documentary, drama, animation, oriental video, etc.

Christmas Debut Ident

Friendly and regal Christmas theme to complement your media production. Typical sleigh-bells and warm orchestral elements present a nice piano melody that is complemented by a solo flute.

Into The Abyss

A dark, slowly evolving and ominous soundscape with strange sound effects, cavernous and deep percussions, ringing guitars, flutes and choirs. Conveys mystery, strangeness, uneasiness. Great fit for background soundscapes in games, horror and thriller movies as well as scary and paranormal productio...

Dramatic Organ Mass

A dramatic and imposing organ piece that evolves to a beautiful and ethereal climax with the arrival of a powerful womens choir. Ends up with an eerie and mystical bit composed of flutes, guitars and synth sounds. Conveys mystery, darkness, beauty. Great fit as background music for intros or climaxi...

Galloping Towards Christmas

Instrumental uplifting Christmas music, composed for orchestra, piano, glocks, bells and flutes, ideal for happy and cheerful Christmas topics in Films, Tv Series and ads.

Chinese -Dizi- Peaceful (Soundtrack)

It is a oriental music using the Chinese flute 'Dizi' and acoustic guitar. Serene, peaceful, warm, soft, calm, gently and tranquil track. Perfect for movies, dramas, anime, documentary, etc. set in China.

A Positive Classical Music - Short version

“A Positive Classical Music” is emotional, beautiful, inspiring and motivational piece of music, featuring violins, violas, cellos, piano, oboe, clarinet, flute. Perfect for positive video, background presentations, historical, documentary films, slideshows and other various projects where you ...

A Positive Classical Music - Long version

“A Positive Classical” is emotional, beautiful, inspiring and motivational piece of music, featuring violins, violas, cellos, piano, oboe, clarinet, flute. Perfect for positive video, background presentations, historical, documentary films, slideshows and other various projects where you need a...

Whte Christmas in our Hearts

Instrumental uplifting cinematic christmas music composed for orchestra, piano, flutes and horns, ideal for Christmas celebration in commercials, advertising and promos. Also great for presentations and films.

Christmas Factory

Vibrant and exciting Christmas orchestral music with a festive and upbeat atmosphere. Fast tempo featuring pizzicato strings, playful woodwinds and brass and a lot of bell sounds. Perfect for commercials, promo clips, comedy cues, videogames, Holiday's greetings and shopping malls background music.

Navajo Trails

Atmospheric and cinematic Native American traditional music with elements of Spaghetti Western. Mystical, wandering mood, perfect underscore for panoramic and adventurous sceneries, both film and documentary. Featuring traditional flutes, percussions and lap-steel guitar.

Tropical Lifestyle

Cheerful and playful bossa nova / samba with a lively carefree mood and a slight retro air (1960's). Latin jazz groove by piano, electric organ, flute, string section, drums and brazilian percussions: the perfect easy-listening soundtrack for a pool party or a cocktail lounge atmosphere.

Jazz Happy Warm 30sec (Advertising)

It's a Jazz track that is casual, happy, peaceful, gently, serene, warm, bright and positive. Perfect for jingles, advertising, commercials, TV program and more. The main instruments are piano, flute and acoustic guitar.

Soft Magic: Dreamy Inspiration

Soft Magic is a dreamy, inspiring instrumental featuring the sound of bells, flutes, and an electronic drum beat. Eliciting an easy-going, breezy vibe, it is a very versatile tune! This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, commercials, tutor...
Yann Keerim
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