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Hello! My name is Ieronymos Hager and I am a classical guitarist and composer from Greece. I have been composing music since 2017 and my portofolio mainly consists of melodic and emotional orchestral tracks, powerful epic tracks, calm and atmospheric pieces, as well as lullabies and children music. With every track I try to envoke strong emotions and create a great atmosphere.

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Sincerely Yours (Soft & Romantic Piano and Orchestra)

A very soft and emotional piano melody, with a touch of strings and oboe, leading to a full orchestral sentimental climax. Perfect for background music in romantic trailers, films, YouTube videos and wherever an emotional atmosphere is needed.

Hymn for the Missing (Emotional Piano & Orchestra)

A very sentimental track with piano and strings background and a calm melody going for cello to woodwinds and female voice, leading to a very emotional climax with full orchestra and choir. A great choice for both background music in films, videos or presentations that need a calm and melodic atmosp...

Lost Hope

A melancholic and rather dark melody, gradually building and rising on strings and brass, reaching an emotional climax. Ideal for projects needing an emotional and rather dark atmosphere.

Lullaby For An Angel

A very soft and peaceful melody, going from music box, to flute and to a soft boy's choir, creating an angelic atmosphere. Ideal for use in YouTube videos, kids projects, photo mementoes, romantic movie trailers and much more.


A romantic piano and oboe melody, followed by a passionate cello and piano part, leading to an emotional orchestral climax. Great for background music in videos, love scenes, presentations, or whenever a soft and romantic atmosphere is needed.

Aetheria (Soft Background Piano)

A soft and flowing piano melody, creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Ideal for background music for presentations, drama, emotional movie scenes, documentaries or TV series.

Beautiful Memory

A soft and romantic piano melody with lush strings background, leading to a very emotional climax towards the end, ideal for commercials, documentaries, presentations, short films and various other sentimental videos.

Destiny (Heroic Emotional Cinematic)

A cinematic track starting with a soft piano motif, a calm heroic brass melody leading to a full epic, inspiring orchestral climax. Ideal for trailers, films, heroic or epic scenes, YouTube videos or other projects.

Endless Time

A track with a string ostinato and piano arpeggio giving a sense of passing time, a soft celeste melody and backing strings and brass. Great for background music in films, videos, presentations and whenever a soft but flowing atmosphere is needed.

Breath of Hope (Sentimental Cello and Piano)

A soft and melancholic piano and cello melody with strings background, creating a tranquil and emotional atmosphere. Great for background music in documentaries, presentations, emotional scenes, videos, films and various other productions needing a sentimental touch.

Fading Dreams

A romantic and at the same time inspiring and uplifting piano track. Flowing melodies starting from a soft and elegant part leading to an emotional and uplifting climax.

The Last Valse

A very romantic melody in the form of valse played by a guitar duet, ideal for background music in videos, films, commercials or other projects that need soft and touching music.

Images of Romance

A soft, very melodic, romantic piano tune, with a touch of strings, great for background music in various videos, documentaries or commercials.

A Brighter Day (Uplifting Corporate Track)

An inspirational and positive track with piano, guitars, strings, bass and drums. Music that creates an atmosphere of success and accomplishment. Great for corporate use, business projects, commercials, advertising, YouTube, slideshows, inspirational videos, presentations, social media promotions an...

Toy Stories

A joyful music box tune, creating a positive vibe, great for kids videos and various other projects.

Rise Again

A small piece with an inspiring melody going from piano to brass, choir and strings.

Solitude (Emotional Guitar and Cello)

A very emotional track, with a melancholic cello melody and a background guitar, creating a very romantic and sentimental atmosphere.

Little Efi's Valse

A very soft and melodic lullaby, with piano and music box. Great for background music in children videos, presentations or other projects requiring a soft atmosphere.


A short romantic tune with a classical guitar arpeggio and a lyrical cello melody with Strings background. Great for background music in videos or projects where a sentimental atmosphere is needed.

Full Moon Lullaby

Full Moon Lullaby is a soft lullaby theme, with some dark elements creating a mysterious and sometimes haunting atmosphere, featuring music box, piano, celeste and pads. Ideal for use in movie trailers, mystery documentaries, Halloween specials, film scores, YouTube videos or computer games.
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