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Broken Ballerina

The toy ballerina played her wonky music box as all the other toys danced in joy to pretty, lush, nostalgic little beats, only to be interrupted. "Shush! It's a human! Act toy-ish!" As he passed by, the mean bully kid roared and menaced the others: "leave it alone! it's just a broken ballerina...

All Else Failing

Cinematic electronica with interesting sound-design and nostalgic feel. A soundtrack for videos that require a bit of elegance and finesse in electronica without sounding too alternative but not quite club-oriented.

Beauty in the Beast

Continuation to the track "Android's Cry", this shows the android in case discovering more "garbage" left by the former inhabitants. Cut to scenes of the android watching a Super 8 montage. Road trips of a young family. Beautiful, nostalgic, but the video keeps showing their faces concerned every ti...

Android's Cry (West End Nights)

Retro-futuristic take on a dystopian scene: androids by now have taken over a planet ravaged by their former inhabitants. Cut to scene 2: one of the androids who works for the garbage collection, one day finds a deserted place with something that reads "jukebox". Out of curiosity, they get it to pla...


Paranoia induced by social media – such as being “ghosted” for example (‘ghosting’ someone is not responding to their texts. Most times not in malice nor aware – life happens, people forget replies – but it can add another layer of loneliness to an already fragile state).


The continuation of "Dellusion" (the track before in the album), it gives a dreamy feel to what is to chase your dreams without the negativity of "caring" about social validation and others judgement. A moment of "freedom" and yes: daydreaming.
Yann Keerim
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