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Corporation Calming

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
“Corporation” is a motivational commercial track featuring deep sound of the piano , guitar harmonics, electric guitar, shaker, violin. Suitable for any commercial video projects and media !!

Calming Moment

Composer: Neil Cross
Peaceful, delicate orchestral piece with reflective, melancholic atmosphere.

Calming Space

Composer: hawkey
A tranquil track with increasingly energetic drums to build momentum.

Fragments (Study for Solo Piano)

Composer: Christof R Davis
A gentle and moving solo soft piano track which is relaxing and meditative. Suitable for easy listening, yoga, meditation, relaxation, calm and reflective. In the style of Olafur Arnolds, Max Richter and Olafur Arnolds - late night and upliftingly hopeful.

Nocturne (Ambient Piano Mix)

Composer: Christof R Davis
An ambient and minimal piano track featuring a Nils Frahm - esque ostinato and melody. Soft and spacious, with a calm and chilled vibe. Imagine this over a timelapse of the moon crossing the sky or the setting sun. This gentle track could be from the catalogue of Olafur Arnolds or Max Richter. Would...


Composer: Chris Shrift
An instrumental track that uses different melodies over airy, jazzy chord changes to create a calming ambience.


Composer: Michael Adels
Reflective song with piano patterns, harp and strings.

Emotional Ambient Piano

is a cinematic piano, electronic instruments, and string composition. Beautiful and nostalgic, this deep piece is meant for inspiring and modern media like documentary projects, film, television, and web videos.

Calm Waves

Composer: SnowMusicStudio
Ambient chillout background music with deep piano chords, pluck, and strings. Perfect for cinematic documentary, advertising, presentations, technology, tutorials, time lapse, sport, life, commercial, history, education, film, travel videos and more…

Far Star

Composer: EGProductions
Relaxing piano composition that creates a romantic and evocative ambience perfect for emotional videos, films or creative projects.

Lully Lullay

Composer: Neil Cross
Peaceful, calming rendition of the popular Christmas tune performed by male choir.

Eternal Newage

Composer: Piranhasound
A soft original track with electro elements, ambient music chill out lounge. Great for films, documentaries, TV travel productions or meditation. Spacious, calming, ethereal track.


Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Acoustic uplifting folk track for you video presentation, slideshow, advertising, television broadcasting and more… Thank you !

Ambient minimal

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Minimalistic ambient background music track featuring atmospheric pads, synths, bells, guitar harmonics, ambient grand piano and warm bass. Great for video production, radio, television, slideshow, animation and etc.

Christmas Orchestral Emotional

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Christmas Orchestral Emotional Air orchestral Christmas track with the classic sound in the style of the movie soundtrack. It’s cinematic and playful , with bright bells and three-dimensional strings. Also, wind (brass ) instruments, which are highly complementary to the melodic emotional buildu...

Corporate Adventure

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Corporate Adventure is perfect track for business presentation of your company, advertisements, calming dynamic slideshow, great background for television broadcasting or Youtube videos. Instruments: Guitar harmonics, muted guitar, piano, shakers, tambourine, claps, bass guitar, strings and boys ...

Electro Technological

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Technological corporate track for your business presentation, advertising, slideshow, television broadcasting, video production and more..

Inspiring Pianos

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Inspiring cinematic piano track featuring strings, orchestral drums and grand piano. Great for video production, movies, advertising, television broadcasting, podcast and more…

Inspiring & Beauty

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Inspirational beautiful minimal music track for your video production, advertising , television and more


Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Movie” – An inspiring cinematic track for your film production, slideshow or wedding video. Instruments: Piano, Cello !


Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Cinematic and inspiring piano tune for video presentation, advertising, movie, television broadcasting and more…
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