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Two Ways [Lo Fi Ambient Trip Hop Hip Hop Nature Chill]

Two Ways is a soothing, relaxing and mellow hip hop lo fi ambient track, features a groovy drum beat, electric piano, electric bass, relaxing piano melodies and organic textures. Perfect for nature footage, traveling, vlogs, background music for podcasts, beauty products, fashion, food, and more. ...

Melancholic Lo-Fi

Lo-fi hip-hop background track featuring ruined and tape smeared pianos riffs, vinyl crackles, chilled drums and chopped vocal samples. The mood is minimalist, melancholic and relaxed, faithful to the lo-fi aesthetic.


A soft and sentimental piano melody, creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Ideal for background music for presentations, drama, emotional movie scenes, documentaries, wedding videos or TV series.

Paths of Destiny

An anthemic orchestral track with an atmospheric strings and choirs opening, a darker strings and brass middle part, leading to a heroic and emotional finale. Great for films, trailers, advertising, video games and various other productions.

Pieces of a Heart

A soft and romantic piano and pads track, creating a nostalgic and emotional atmosphere. Great for background music in videos, love scenes, presentations and other sentimental productions.

Never Too Late

An emotional piano, flute and orchestra track, creating a soft and nostalgic atmosphere. Ideal for romantic scenes, love stories, or other intimate contents.

Wings Of Hope [PACK]

Wings Of Hope is hopeful and melancholic cinematic track with piano and strings. This sensitive and romantic music is ideal for drama related contents, documentaries, videos about love, nature / sea visuals, movies and different social media projects etc. Available in Full, Loop, Logo, 60 and 30 sec...

Anchors [PACK]

Grunge/90s alternative rock-inspired song, driven by a memorable bass groove. Features melodic guitar lead and male vocals. Dark, brooding vibe. Medium Tempo (108 BPM). Great for high-energy action tv/movie scenes or commercials.

Small Talk

Great for tv or movie scenes dealing with relationship problems or a breakup. Full version of a song rooted in 90s alternative rock, featuring a slight emo vibe. Lyrics deal with relationships, confusion, guilt and remorse. Medium-to-slow tempo (84 BPM). Full band arrangement featuring electric g...
Yann Keerim
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