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Creepy mysterious mystic Halloween

Mystical dark ominous track with a chilling atmosphere and mysterious instruments.

Suspenseful mysterious cinematic horror

I present to you the scary, mysterious cinematic track with a dark mystical atmosphere of terror and pessimistic mood.

Mystical hold horror music

Terrifying mystical mysterious music for scary moments and horror movies.

Cinematic dramatic suspense music

Dramatic cinematic musical composition with a tense atmosphere and tragic mood.

Scary halloween horror

Terrible otherworldly track with a dark atmosphere of Halloween and intense mystical mood.

Rescue Mission

Rescue Mission - Driving, energetic, action piece featuring drums, percussion and strings. BPM - 140 Instrumentation - Drums, Percussion, Strings, Cinematic Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Synth Rescue Mission - Full track (0:58)

After Big Battle

After Big Battle - A slow atmospheric, sad and dramatic track featuring cinematic piano, strings and synths. BPM - 50 Instrumentation - Synths, Cinematic Piano, Piano, Strings. Versions included: After Big Battle - Full version (1:27) After Big Battle - Short version (0:48)

Scary mystery nightmare background

Powerful experimental cinema music with atmosphere of fear and mystery and disturbing mood.

Suspense mystical tension music

Mysterious dark mystical background music with an atmosphere of uncertainty, fear and hopelessness.

Strained suspense ambience background

A tense background track with a dark mysterious atmosphere of suspense, a mood of hopelessness and anxiety, as well as deep gloomy instruments. Combined with any video with the atmosphere of suspense, horror, Thriller and science fiction.

Electronic action ambient background

Powerful electronic composition with a strong tense atmosphere and stressful mood. Combined with video directions of tension, suspense, Thriller, horror, documentaries as well as video games.

Intense saturated electronic background

Intensive electronic composition with synths, bass, percussion, creating a tense atmosphere and a disturbing mood. Combined with videos with the atmosphere of suspense, tension, horror, Thriller, etc.

Ambient creepy suspense background (Tension horror and thriller film)

Scary eerie electronic ambient track with a tense atmosphere and a mood of fear and despair. It is combined with video of intense subjects, thrillers, horrors, suspense, etc.

Urban chills (Emotional Hip Hop Background)

Rich hip-hop composition with synthesizers, electric piano and percussion, creating an anxious atmosphere and tense mood. Combined with videos of intense themes, animations, youtube content, video games and more..


Mysterious sad and slightly classical piano piece with night atmosphere. Perfect as a movie or tv theme for drama or romance.
Yann Keerim
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