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Proud Of My Accomplishments

Inspiring full-band piece with strings, guitar, driving beat and synths. Very catchy, motivating piece, building throughout into a big finale. Great for commercial advertising or corporate use.

Happy Summer Time drum and bass edit

Inspiring, optimistic and uplifting music that creates a positive feeling of innovation and bright happy days. Great for enhancing your business presentation, corporate promo and motivational media creating a trustworthy, serious and positive mood. The music features soft electric guitar, acoustic ...

Looking Better

Inspiring piece with acoustic guitar and full band backing. Celebratory atmosphere...

Full Of Inspiration

Inspiring and uplifting track with solid beat and cool arrangements. Sense of triumph and success.

Finding Justice

Dramatic orchestral film score piece with epic orchestral arrangements. This piece has a war-time military feel and gradually builds throughout into a triumphant finale.

Celebration Time

Uplifting track with happy go lucky celebratory feel. Driving drums, guitar and catchy synths.

Beautiful Way To End

Epic, triumphant stinger with grand orchestral arrangements and electronic instruments. Great for scene change/ending...

The Fairytale

Elegant, sophisticated orchestral piece with classic film score feel. Great for epic scene ending.

Me Against The World

Triumphant, epic cinematic piece with driving beat, orchestra and electric guitar. Great for suspenseful action/adventure scene.

Join Me For Tea

A catchy, quirky orchestral piece with a magical Disney-style feel.

Emotions Evolve

Romantic piano and strings piece with delicate, loving atmosphere.

Comical Adventures

Comical, happy-go-lucky orchestral piece with magical Disney atmosphere.

A Dramatic Twist

Very tense and epic cinematic piece with orchestra and driving percussion

The Time Of Elegance

Beautiful, charming solo piano piece in a classical style. Great for period piece documentaries.

The Emerald Waltz

A charming, elegant orchestral waltz with ballroom feel. Great for period piece drama and documentaries.

The Drama Begins

A dramatic Action/Adventure track with solid beat and full orchestra. Epic and grand atmosphere!

The Deeper You Go

A very epic orchestral piece with a sense of hope and celebration - great for horror/action/adventure/mystery scenes.

Becoming An Angel

Epic, celebratory orchestral piece with angelic atmosphere.

Nobody Around Me

Very emotional modern Pop ballad with beautiful piano melody, strings and cool Hip Hop groove.

My Boo Is You

Laid-back, emotional modern Pop ballad with cool beat and subtle instrumentation.
Yann Keerim
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