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Burning Man March

EDM march in a celebratory and patriotic vibe with choir hums and synth leads to create a modern hipster feel. Great for corporate ads, news and current affairs, and infomercials

Soft downtempo lounge chill-out pop track

Soft downtempo lounge chill-out pop track with electric guitar performance and synth background. Pensive, creative and fashion style. Usefull for backgrounds, corporate or for Commercials/TV themes. Documentary, chill-out lounge club.

Victorian Profundus Concerto

Classical piece composed for solo violin and orchestra. The main theme is played very lively and fast creating a sense of urgency, concentration and inspiration.

Cinematic Uplifting Logo

Motivational, inspiring atmosphere. Cinematic logo. Great for openings, transitions, section titles. Instruments: Symphonic orchestra, Piano, Drums, Percussion, cinematic FX Tempo: 120BPM. Key - G. If you want more moods: please stay in my Portfolio, or let me know. I hope you enjoy this track...

Happy Romantic Story

Romantic, inspiring atmosphere. In this third I used cinematic and corporate elements - melody, chords, reef. Rhythmic viola provides movement and energy. An air piano, long violins and a gentle flute create a feeling of happiness. Powerful bass and drums add grandeur. The track is perfect for slid...

Inspiration Love Story

Inspirational, happy and joyful track. Instrumens: Cinematic orchestra, guitar, synth, cinematic FX, drops. You can easily add voice-over (narrator voice), so that the mid channel track has a place for him. At the same time, I took care of mono compatibility. This track will sound good on any devic...

The Big Moment (Emotional Inspiring Wedding Piano)

A beautiful, heartfelt music track with a romantic atmosphere that moves the heart and touches the soul. It features a melodic and gentle piano motif. Perfect for love story videos, wedding ceremony, proposal footage, optimistic/motivational/uplifting commercials, romantic and nostalgic scenes, film...

Fire Overture

The track is filled with expression, fiery energy and epic power. The combination of orchestral and synthesized instruments fills the air with optimism, pushing energy and inspires victories and achievements.

Dramatic Organ Mass

A dramatic and imposing organ piece that evolves to a beautiful and ethereal climax with the arrival of a powerful womens choir. Ends up with an eerie and mystical bit composed of flutes, guitars and synth sounds. Conveys mystery, darkness, beauty. Great fit as background music for intros or climaxi...

Once Upon A Christmas Eve

"Once Upon A Christmas Eve" is a beautiful fairytale music filled the spirit of Christmas and the holiday. Use it in any of your projects in the holiday videos and family greeting, advertising, New Year's show, the ceremony, the TV, the ceremony, the children's festival.

Solemn Ceremony Fanfares

Powerful, triumphal, inspiring, celebratory symphonic orchestra fanfare. Perfect for awards ceremony, show, heroic history, trailer, celebration, sport events, wedding ceremony, winner awards, YouTube channel intro, achievements, product presentation, nominations, TV news logo, TV broadcast, awards ...

Magic Around

Beautiful, emotional fairytale music filled the spirit of Christmas and the holiday. Use it in any of your projects in the holiday videos and family greeting, advertising, New Year’s show, the ceremony, the TV, the ceremony, the children’s festival.

Gamelan Tribal Ceremony

Gamelan Tribal Ceremony is an atmospheric tribal soundscape with ritualistic ambience featuring gamelan orchestra, percussions, low bone horns, and various fx. Great fit for geographic documentaries, antropology projects, vlogs, meditative and abstract videos, investigation videos, experimental and...
Yann Keerim
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