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Chinese New Year Preparations

This ethnic track bring the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year Festival eve during the festival preparation or during the parade of Chinese dragons. This marching track will convey the character of the holidays and ethno style featuring Guzheng, Erhu, Taiko percussions, fender bass, gong, strings, ...

Clockwork Ballet (Magical Musical Box)

A gentle musical box styled piece that was originally composed for a nursery themed project. It has the switching and whirring sound fx added for extra realism and is available in 3 project ready edits. Would work great with family and baby videos, advertising campaigns as well as magical, fairy tal...

Happy orchestra inspiring romantic background

Happy beautiful orchestral background with a romantic atmosphere of bliss and inspiring mood.

Happy calm inspiring corporate background music

Relaxed corporate background with guitar, piano and drums that create a happy atmosphere and good mood.

Upbeat happy corporate simple music

Easy simple cheerful corporate music with a positive mood and happy atmosphere.

Calm acoustic instrumental music

Peaceful light acoustic music with piano, guitar, harmonica, bass and drums, will immerse you in a warm atmosphere and give positive mood.

Business positive corporate presentation

Positive successful music business with the piano, guitar, bass, and percussion with a unique atmosphere and great mood.

Motivational upbeat music creative adverting

Optimistic motivational song with piano, guitars, drums, strings and bells, creating an inspirational atmosphere and positive mood.

Inspirational happy corporate music

Inspiring corporate music with piano, guitar and drums, creating a positive atmosphere and giving a happy mood.

Corporate technology inspiring music

Easy upbeat corporate music with guitars, piano and drums, will lift your mood and create an atmosphere of success and prosperity.

Successful technology

Light positive music track with a pleasant atmosphere and happy mood. Has a broad scope and a soft sound, featuring acoustic and electric guitars, piano and drums.

Happy emotional piano music

Happy soulful music piano and strings, creating an emotional atmosphere and optimistic mood.

Corporate happy positive music

Joyful light corporate music with a great positive mood and atmosphere.

Inspirational piano and strings - happy ending

Gorgeous piano with the strings in the peaceful atmosphere of the successful conclusion of the event with a happy mood.

Hold positive music background

Positive background music expectations, lifting the mood and the atmosphere of happiness and kindness.

Business hold music presentations

Presentation of inspirational music for business projects with a positive atmosphere and attitude of success.

Living the Dream - sting

This rock, or pop track sends a powerful message of hope and a bright outlook on life. You will feel the need to get up and dance and clap your hands. Guaranteed to refresh your day. Elements of Cold Play can be heard in the B section to contrast the main melody. Great and steady uplifting sound. Ha...
Yann Keerim
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