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A Successful Corporation

Instrumental corporate music made for muted, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, strings and synth plucks, ideal for commercials and advertising. Also great for happy and uplifting scenes in Films and TV Series.


A epic, rousing, uplifting orchestral track that conveys a sense of achievement, hope and anticipation. After a calm, reflective start a deep, driving rhythmic percussion section begins, soon joined by soaring strings and victorious horns, all building to an exhilarating, triumphant climax.

Way to success

Upbeat corporate music with guitars, piano, synthesizer and percussion, creating a positive atmosphere and uplifting mood. In combination with positive presentations, motivational, corporate, promotional videos, inspirational, sports projects, etc.

Cheerful trip

Cheerful, invigorating music with an optimistic and light atmosphere and uplifting mood. Combined with presentations, happy, fun, corporate videos, slide shows, commercial projects, etc.

Taking Care of Business

Instrumental corporate music made for muted and acoustic guitar, synth plucks, strings and piano, ideal for commercials and advertising.

Happy Uplifting Motivational - Whistlele

Corporate and motivational, Lovely and Inspiring music track featuring Ukulele, Acoustic Guitars, Pop drums, electric bass, Piano, Percussion and nice catchy Bell tune. In the style of corporate motivational music, uplifting/childish. Special for animals, nature and Romantic/Inspiring projects. The ...

Clouds - Acoustic Corporate and Motivational Ambient

An inspiring, upbeat and motivational corporate track with piano, bass, drums, and acoustic guitar. Suitable for background music in motivational and corporate videos, advertising, business presentations, products presentations, news, youtube videos, fashion and more. - Creative title: “Clouds”...

Toy Stories

A joyful music box tune, creating a positive vibe, great for kids videos and various other projects.

Motivational Uplifting Rock (Promotional)

It is a rock music that is motivational, inspirational, uplifting, cool, exciting, energetic, powerful, dynamic, aggressive, fast, driving, upbeat, exhilarating and positive. Perfect for corporate, promotional videos, documentary movies, teen film, etc.

Bright Horizon (Positive Corporate) - 15 Versions

Bright and light music track with beautiful piano, guitars, strings and introspective mood will evoke feelings of happiness, success and joy. It will work well with corporate videos, business projects, presentations, and commercials.

Summer Breeze

A cheerful piano melody with a full band second part, great for kids videos and commercials.

Inspire Yourself

Uplifting, inspiring and energetic dance pop track with synths, plucks, bass and drums and percussion. This track is suitable for modern, uplifting, technological, upbeat, motivational and positive inspiring projects to set an optimistic and happy mood. Perfect background for commercials, corporate ...
Yann Keerim
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