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Dance pop instrumental in style like Maroon 5

Spaghetti western lullaby

Spaghetti Western Lullaby a la Ennio Morricone, think about Sergio Leone film, The good the bad and the ugly, Once upon a time in America, Tarantino Pulp Fiction. Film, Tv, Commercials, All media. Low key, whistled melody, male vocal, heavenly choir, classic guitar, elegant nostalgic romantic. Male ...

Christmas Presents

Beautiful Christmas orchestral song, full of bells and whistles to make your christmas project more emotive and joyful.

Punk Rock Christmas Tune

Powerful and energetic Christmas punk-rock soundtrack rocking in the style of the Ramones. Featuring precision bass, upbeat drums and claps, enveloping overdrive guitar riffs, seasonal glockenspiels, cheerful Christmas bells and positive vocals hey. Perfect for your uplifting Christmas videos, comme...

Happy Morning

Happy sunny morning, Positive and Happy acoustic song that is ideal for advertising and promotions. The track is very uplifting and positive, Sweet whistling song, optimistic sunny skies, perfect day. Jaunty lighthearted and playful. Quirky, fresh and young. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Acoust...

Colorful Life

Positive uptempo pop instrumental track with happy-go-lucky whistling, guitar strumming, bright strings and drums. Playful, fun mood, perfect for family-oriented commercials and advertising, comedy shows, feel-good productions, vacation videos, vlogs.

So Cheerful

Very cheerful and upbeat tune featuring acoustic instruments and some real recorded percussion plus whistling. Will work really well in any production seeking a friendly tone.

Upbeat Fun Ukulele Uplifting Acoustic

This is a joyful track with a cheerful bells and perky whistle, charges with positive and cheerful mood.Suitable for advertising, background in your Youtube videos,children’s video projects and much more.

Stomp Clap Stomp Stomp Clap

An energetic, upbeat and powerful percussion track. Youthful uplifting stomps and claps. Perfect for commercials, openers, intros, Youtube, video games, documentaries, drone footage, time-lapse, etc. Many hit points and easy to edit.

Samba Band

The sound of Samba / Rio / Brasil / Brazil / South America! Energetic and proud percussion.

Rock and roll

Energetic and fun rock and roll. Fast rhythm and simple catchy tune, screeching guitars and mad piano.

Welcome to circus

This composition a fine choice for music of your holiday, parties, children’s holidays or circus representation. Musical track very simple and same, on it without problems it is possible to cut, make longer or more shortly and as to make a loop.

Just Smile and Have Fun

Happy, cheerful, playful and positive track with a simple children's tune. This composition a fine choice for music of your holiday, parties, children’s holidays.
Yann Keerim
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