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An instrumental Funk style track with a retro lounge sound.

There's A Place I Will Miss

A relationship, bright and easy and loving, but then love goes away. The need to blame, especially another party who may have helped to end everything. That feeling of losing someone close and trying to hold it together, living through the grief and the feeling of death that pervades all.

Connect The Emotion

A soft ambient background with a digital inspiring vibe great for technology media, digital projects, advertising or futuristic promo. 2 edits available. One is a loop file.


Soft and romantic mellow acoustic track mainly comprises a lightly fingerpicked acoustic guitar accompanied by finger clicking. Positive and optimistic music.

Children and Summer

Summer, fun and easy composition with the use of ukulele, acoustic guitars, cotton and other instruments. Ideal for cartoons, voice announcements, video films, children’s films, as well as advertising. For easy installation of the project, three loops are included in the archive, from which you c...

Urban Trap

Urban Trap is not an aggressive track with 808 classic drums, electronic sounds and a deep pad. A great choice for time labse video, technology and urban projects.


Positive, easy track with distortion guitar, piano, staccato strings and light rhythm section for corporate videos, commercials, phonon music and more.

Tropical Mood

Tropical style track with marimbas, flutes, electronic sounds and deep rhythm sections. This music is a good choice for youtube reviews, travel, summer holidays, beaches, presentations and many other projects.


This is a modern, emotional experimental track using pianos in reverse, sharp electronic sounds, staccato strings, electric guitars and deep rhythm sections. It's great for time-slaps, nature, presentations, youtube, documentary and many other your projects.

The Tropical Summer

This is a positive, inspirational, easy, inspirational, fun and optimistic pop track. It will be ideal as a background in various motivational, inspirational, inspirational, business, corporate, advertising, headlines, travel videos, slide shows, marketing, video blogs, Youtube and video streaming.

The Tropical

An easy, positive track using marimba, steel drums and an electronic rhythm section saturated with a tropical atmosphere. This music is very suitable for videos about recreation, the sea, slide shows, beaches and many other projects to create a tropical mood.

Stylish Fashion

A warm house-style track for fashion shows, slides, videos for beauty, relaxation, travel, YouTube and for many of your other projects.

Space Relaxing Ambient

Atmospheric ambient track with soothing moving pad. Perfect for soothing and beautiful videos.
Yann Keerim
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