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Chill R&B

Deep and atmospheric R&B instrumental with pleasant vocal samples and crispy drums. This lo-fi beat is perfect for beauty vlogs, fashion video, travel video, podcast, tv/radio show, commercial, lifestyle video and more.

Pleasant Job Corporate

Instrumental easy corporate music made for muted electric guitar, acoustic guitars, piano and strings. Ideal for commercials and advertising, also great for product promos and presentations.

Womens Day (Beautiful romantic music)

Romantic pleasant background composition with piano and strings, creating a sincere atmosphere and a festive mood. Combined with peaceful, romantic, family, calm videos, commercial projects, etc..

Hot Coffee

A rocky hip hop royalty free tune with a soulful vibe including Rhodes, guitars and thick beat great for fashion vlogs, urban media, ads or promos.

Middle East Logo 4

Middle East style music logo/intro. You can hear strings, saz and chimes. Great for presentation of middle east companies, travel agencies and video bloggers.

Middle East Logo 3

Middle East style music logo/intro. You can hear strings, saz and chimes. Great for presentation of middle east companies, travel agencies and video bloggers.

Chill Melancholic Synthwave

Dreamy synthpop track with great atmosphere and pleasant melodies, analog arpegios, bright bass, reverb snare. Best for films, blogs, urban or summer projects.

Back in 80s

Dreamy synthpop royalty free music track with a great atmosphere and pleasant melodies, analog arpeggios, bright bass lines and a reverb snare. Great for 80's retro influenced media, TV video projects, youtube, travels, presentations, commercials, promos and many more.

Easy Emotional Dance

Motivational music track with arpeggiated synth melodies backed up with some nice piano and strings. Simple and tight beat with a pleasant bassline. Suitable for cinematic media, modern lifestyle, games or inspirational / motivational content.

Sweet Sadness

Sweet Sadness is a cinematic, beautiful, melancholic yet hopeful, piano solo track.

Uplifting Corporate

Positive and dynamic corporate with live acoustic and electric guitars makes strong and inspiring mood. Starts simple it become more complex in the end with couple of cheerful strings, pleasant piano melody and bright glockenspiel.

Calm ambient (optimistic expectations background)

Peaceful surroundings with beautiful atmosphere and pleasant tools. Plunges into a state of anticipation and balance.

Successful technology

Light positive music track with a pleasant atmosphere and happy mood. Has a broad scope and a soft sound, featuring acoustic and electric guitars, piano and drums.


Airy and positive track with a catchy guitar melody acompanied by piano and synths. Uplifting and inspiring, yet light and unpretentious, it will be perfect background music for a business presentation, any corporate videos, tutorials, education video, commercials, youtube videos or live events.

Positive business corporate

Calm positive corporate background music with a pleasant atmosphere and mood of success.

Positive fun uplifting music

Positive cheerful background music with beautiful instruments, pleasant atmosphere and uplifting.
Yann Keerim
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