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Morning On The Farm

This song has a real story. A life story, or maybe a love story. Easy catchy folk motif and pleasant groove make this composition so attractive. Upbeat fun guitar music with stomp and whistle. Good for party, children and promo projects.

Summer Love

A light pleasant dance composition recorded using acoustic guitars, pianos and percussion instruments. Nice motive and positive mood of the track will make your video amazing.


Hopeful is a warm and pleasant emotional piano melody, with inspiring mood, background strings and pizzicato double bass. Perfect for YouTube, presentations, wedding videos, anniversary, story telling and more!


Energetic track in the style of the future bass. Fits for youtube videos, videohive projects, sport, fitness, racing, fight, workout videos, landscapes, festivals, openers, vacation, advertising, commercials, vlogs, timelapse, urban and extreme sports and more!

Atmospheric Soundscape

Atmospheric Soundscape - it's a looped background music for drone video. The clear pulse of this music perfect give a calm tune for a whole track. Easily loop-able and editable.

Exhilarating Pop (Promotional)

It is a uplifting, hopeful, bright, refreshing, peaceful, comfortable, beautiful, warm, calm and positive track. Perfect for documentary movie, corporate, advertisement, commercial & promotional video, YouTube, etc.

Funk Rock Comical 30sec (Jingle)

It is a funk rock music. Funky, waggish, playful, humorous, enjoyable, fast and driving track. Perfect for jingles, advertisements, commercials, short opening such as a comical video, etc.

Acoustic Romance

Acoustic romance - It is light and soft guitar song. Simple and positive track.

Promote development

A calm inspiring background with a pleasant atmosphere and a hopeful mood. In combination with peaceful, inspiring, encouraging, promotional videos, commercial projects, etc.

Kids Lovely Whistle Ukulele (Advertising)

It is a lovely, cute, fancy, happy, bright, enjoyable, playful, cheerful song with whistle and ukulele. Perfect for happy kids projects, scene playing with toys, educational programs for young children, advertising, commercial, promotional video, etc.

This Is My House - Fashion Sexy Sax House

Ultra Cool, Urban, Melodic house/pop/dance track with pleasant saxophone and genuinely chill fashion sound. Bouncey and groovey drums, warm bass line, playful saxes, quirky and hypnotic guitars and some lovely rhodes piano chords! Perfect for all sorts of projects, like: - fashion tv, promo...
Yann Keerim
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