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Geminal is the product of me sending a very basic structure to pianist and keyboardist Leo Genovese. He then contributed to the melodic content of the song. He also sonically defined the piece with his keyboard sounds, bringing in mind those 70s and early 80s Herbie Hancock albums. Once again, my br...

In Between the Lines

‘In Between the Lines' was practically an improvisation, with the several muted basses adding their little bricks to create the construction of the track. After programming an electronic drum beat, I realized that what was missing was the organic element that Sakir could add with his percussion. T...

Funk Rock Comical 30sec (Jingle)

It is a funk rock music. Funky, waggish, playful, humorous, enjoyable, fast and driving track. Perfect for jingles, advertisements, commercials, short opening such as a comical video, etc.

Motorsports Exciting 90s Rock

Rock music that uses synth sounds reminiscent of the 90s. Perfect for thrilling and cool images such as motor sports programs and games. == EXAMPLE OF USE == Motorsport program Course introduction, interview, highlight video Thrilling anime and games YouTube

Kids Lovely Whistle Ukulele (Advertising)

It is a lovely, cute, fancy, happy, bright, enjoyable, playful, cheerful song with whistle and ukulele. Perfect for happy kids projects, scene playing with toys, educational programs for young children, advertising, commercial, promotional video, etc.

Motorsports Exciting Rock

It is a cool, uplifting, exciting, energetic, fast, powerful, hard, dynamic, aggressive and driving guitar rock. Perfect for course introduction of motorsports program, interview, highlight video, thrilling movie, anime, game, etc.

Festive Corporate

Corporate, inspiring track. Perfectly suits for your advertising videos, business presentations, TV and radio programs, slide shows, corporate projects, lifestyle and travel, real estate, startup campaign videos, games and apps, promo videos, business and science and many more

Spy Mission

Spy Mission is an energetic and tense rock track with overdrive guitars, beefy bass guitar, and hard-hitting drums. It is ideal for an action-packed blockbuster scene with a feel similar to a James Bond or Mission Impossible main theme. Its vigour, punch, and power also makes it a perfect background...

Short News Announcement

Engaging short introduction that can be used in a news program, documentary, commercial or any other production seeking the tone of announcement.

Jazz Happy Warm 30sec (Advertising)

It's a Jazz track that is casual, happy, peaceful, gently, serene, warm, bright and positive. Perfect for jingles, advertising, commercials, TV program and more. The main instruments are piano, flute and acoustic guitar.

Computer Arithmetic for Business

Instrumental electronic corporate music made for synthesizers, electric, clean and muted guitars, synth plucks, soundscapes and synth pads, ideal for sci fi and tech commercial, advertising and documentaries. Also great for science programs.


Drum and bass composition using a guitar loop, inspired by Van Halen and Appolo 440. Very energetic, driving, with an interesting hole (bridge) and final coda. Perfect for advertising and more. There are two versions in the archive: Space – 2:25 Space Short – 00:18

Bright Electro Jingle

Perfect for jingles such as radio, TV, internet programs, anime, games, etc. If it fades out, it will be a track of about 6 seconds.

Upbeat Guitar Pop Jingle

Perfect for jingles such as radio, TV, internet programs, anime, games, etc. If it fades out, it will be a track of about 6 seconds.

Morning Light

Awakening of the morning light from sleep. Gentle, ubertrendy music that brings happiness with every note. All living things start a new happy day. Soft guitar and the magical sounds of harp, marxophone, glockenspiel like drops of dew on the morning grass. Ideal for nature videos, family videos, TV ...

Breaking News Ident

Short and effective ident that can be used in news programs, youtube video’s or other media seeking a powerful sting. The clip can also work very well in a game show.
Yann Keerim
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