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Flute Song Logos

Spicy flutes and peppery beats: This power blend of urban hip hop and dancehall delivers fun and energy for every event. Cheekily served with design, DIY, technology videos.

Intro – Investigation

Cascading piano and hard-hitting drumkit come together for a wild chase in Investigation. A touch of dubby electronica gives it a delicious grittiness that makes this scurrying melody a perfect choice for opening crime dramas or other suspenseful content, whether on television, radio or podcast.

Film Production Company Logo

A classic Hollywood studio orchestra comes alive in the grand Film Production Company Logo. The initial combination of horns and bells strikes all the right emotions of importance and magic – it’s movie-making time! Aside from film logos, this marvellous track would sit nicely in front of a big ...

A Funky Logo

Groovye and engaging Funky logo featuring punchy slap bass, catchy electric guitar and energetic drum. Perfect to use on videos, movies, advertising, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, vlog and podcast intros.

Funky Podcast Opener

Elegant and catchy funky logo featuring precision bass, groovie drum, positive claps, funky guitars, and shakers. Perfect to use on videos, movies, advertising, logo reveal, openers, radio, vlog and podcast intros.

Funky Slap Stinger

Energetic and groovy funky stinger/ident featuring slapped precision bass, funky drum, positive claps, electric rhythmic guitars, and percussions. Perfect to use on videos, movies, advertising, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, vlog and podcast intros.

Technology Glitch Podcast Intro

Simple and modern technologic logo/ident, featuring glitched technology sounds, soft synth and sound fx perfect for your branding, promo, advertising, commercial, identifier, logo reveal, animation, web, app, game, radio, TV, podcast and Youtube.

Funky Apples - Logo

A funky upbeat bright logo, with a groovy bass, catchy guitars, brass, retro synths, claps, background vocals ("hey") and punchy drums.

Funky Scratch Logo

Catchy funky logo reveal, featuring turntable scratches, deep funky bass, engaging drums, percussions, claps, and funky rhythmic electric guitar. Useful for logo reveals, youtube openers, podcast intros and more.

Urban Style Stinger

Soulful urban hip-hop logo, featuring bouncing drums, groovy deep bass, exciting horns, positive vocal samples and turntable scratches. Perfect for video preview, youtube intro, podcast opener and more.

Funky Slap Intro

Elegant and groovy funky commercial ident featuring slapped musicman bass, funky drum, positive claps, electric guitars, and percussions. Perfect to use on videos, movies, advertising, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, vlog and podcast intros, bass reviews videos and bass pedal youtube reviews.

News Short Logo

Bold and dramatic, featuring orchestral sonorities mixed with pulsing electronic textures that create tension and empowerment.

Elegant Logo

Warm and light, featuring smooth synth textures and a bright piano melody that creates a soothing mood.

High Energy Logo Intro

Strength and power commitment and confidence this logo has it all.

Exotic Mystery (30 sec)

Mysterious, atmospheric track with an exotic twist. Pulsating percussion, marimba, kalimba and dark synths make this a great suspenseful, light tension track for your project.

Crushing Percussion Intro

Groovy percussion logo. Starting with kick drum become wide sounding rhythm pattern with claps, stomps and sound effects.

Yann Keerim
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