Logos, Idents Royalty Free Music

Short music clips for corporate logos and adverts.

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Sparkling Stars

A short orchestral piece with a Disney-like, magical quirky feel. Great for advertising theme or presentation logo.

Paradise On Earth

Charming, elegant orchestral piece with magical Disney atmosphere.

Nicely Does It

Short, catchy stinger with uplifting, positive feel. Great for ID spot and corporate logo.

Life Of The Riches

A short, catchy Disney-style orchestral piece - great for scene ending, logo or corporate ID.

Join Me For Tea

A catchy, quirky orchestral piece with a magical Disney-style feel.

It's Childrens Time

Short stinger with Disney-style orchestral arrangements. Great for presentation logo and commercial.

Hurry Up

Short, fast pace electronic track with solid groove and catchy synths. Great for advertising logo or presentation.

How Sweet It Is

Magical Disney-style orchestral piece with innocent childish quality.

Hip Funk Club

Short, cool Funky track with solid groove and catchy guitar. Great for presentation logo and advertising.

Fine Day For All

Quirky orchestral piece with pizzicato strings. Great for light-hearted, comedic scene, and children's use!

Exotic Adventure

Catchy World Music track with cool groove, pipes and strings.

Electric Circuits

Short, catchy Electro Pop stinger. Great for scene change or ID spot!

Brain Short Circuit

Catchy and energetic Electro Pop track with driving beat and cool synths.

Battleship Return

Short Dramatic stinger with epic orchestral arrangements and percussion. Great for ending a scene!

The First Kiss

Very short piece with acoustic guitar and strings. Great for scene change, stinger, ident & logo.

Sounds In The Distance

Short orchestral piece with flute, strings and harp. Great for scene ending, ID spot or logo.

Shining Light

Short, emotional piece - great for scene change/ending.

Perhaps Next Time

Short orchestral piece with harp and strings - great for scene ending and logo.

Now Or Never

Very short orchestral stinger - perfect for emotional scene change!

Yann Keerim
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