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All the way up

A motivational and inspirational hiphop beat with a positive vibe. Ideal background music for any sort of podcast, vlog, educational video, lifestyle videos, workout videos, youtube videos, advertising, radio commercials, film, sports, cybersports, gaming, cinematic, trailers, teasers, montage, prom...


Soft and positive string orchestra background music suitable for corporate videos and business presentation as well as traveling visuals, TV commercial and promo pack etc.

Dragon Age (Epic Tension)

Powerful and epic high impact cinematic track. Tensive, heroic with big drums, melodic strings and epic brass. Action Adventure Horror Epic Chase Thriller Army Trailer Videogames Fantasy War.

Epic Cinematic Inspiration Background

An inspirational, uplifting, evolving, emotional epic music track, full of emotions, designed to work along with corporate videos, explainers, product presentations, movies, trailers, drone and wedding videos. It features an emotional piano, orchestral strings, horns and percussion, as well as a ...

Fresh Design

A short minimal corporate logo track. It features a bass drum, xylophone and synths. Perfect for advertising, commercials, marketing, social media, branding, business projects, corporate logos, computer company trademark, video game content, PC software/equipment/programs ads, IT, educational video ...

The Optimistic

Positive and warm track filled with atmospheric and joyful mood. This background music is perfect for advertising, video blogs on various topics. For example, this track can be used in videos about cars, science, technology, travel and other creative ideas.

Fun Upbeat Kids

Driving and Quirky Positive Acoustic track for your project! It features whistling, claps, acoustic guitar, ukulele and percussion. Perfect for commercial, advertisement, youtube, kids and animals videos, cooking and any other background. Enjoy!

Electro Latin Rhumba

'Electro Latin Rhumba' is a fresh, uplifting and modern retro latin music track featuring brass instruments, piano, drums and percussion, as well as electronic drums, some jazz band samples and turntable scratches. It's a traditional track in modern style, suitabe for all kind of videos, especially...


A hopeful and inspiring short logo track. It features piano, synths and whooshing effects. Perfect for advertising, animated trademarks, brand promos, brief video sequences, business projects, company idents, logos and other video production, computer software, corporate projects, consumer electroni...
Yann Keerim
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