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Epic, intense, cinematic music for adventure and fantasy themes with calm piano intro, slow buildup and majestic final featuring choir, horns and percussions.

Inspiring Advertising Corporate Background

An inspiring, efficient and dreamy royalty free corporate song with pads, electric guitar, bass, piano, synth lead and straight drums, best for ads, corporate, travel, business, motivational and promotional related content.


Warm and ambient synthesizer, followed by a steady side-chained kick drum. This is one of those emotive summer tracks, for a party that just keeps going and going.

Inspiring Digital Tech Corporate Background

An inspiring, reflective and technology royalty free corporate song, with electric guitar, dreamy leads, pads, bass, arpeggiator, piano and straight drums, best for ads, corporate, timelapse, scientific search, digital theme and inspiring related content.

Modern Timelapse Ambient Corporate

An inspiring, reflective and ambient royalty free corporate song, with electric guitar, dreamy vocals, pads, bass, piano, wavy synths and straight drums, best for ads, corporate, travel, timelapse, meditative and inspiring related content.

Epic Piano and Orchestra

Epic motivational orchestral track. Starting with piano, then strings, building up, to the epic orchestral with choir. This track may be incorporated into various types of media applications, including, but not limited to commercials, inspirational projects, film television, motivational videos, and...

Greatest Ascendancy [Cinematic Orchestral Epic Fearless Adventure]

Greatest Ascendancy is a fearless orchestral track with stately strings and daring percussion. Inspirational, epic, motivational, adventure style. A grandiose, stunning experience. Perfect for landscapes, motivational and inspirational content, epic videos, animations, video games, fantasy, document...

Everything At Stake [Sport Majestic Cinematic Epic Glorious Heroic]

Everything At Stake is a majestic, adventurous and epic orchestral cinematic track, featuring graceful mixed choir, bold brass, strings and driving percussion creating an urgent mood. Best for sports, finals, competitions, fantasy, video games, promos, trailers, adverts, campaigns, landscapes, wild ...

Perpetual Will [Electronic Cinematic Hybrid Driving Epic Action]

Perpetual Will is a driving and relentless hybrid electronic cinematic track. Featuring epic low brass, modern synths, cool drum groove and unstoppable percussive elements. Perfect for modern video games, sports, promos, trailers, landscapes, nature, urban, cars, motorbikes, trucks, sci-fi, racing, ...


An epic hybrid piece of trailer music, usinf orchestral strings, buzzing horns and trombones, a wonderful female voice and powerful trailer percussion. Great for adventure, fantasy, historical and action movies and games.
Yann Keerim
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