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High Tech Horror

High Tech Horror ident, logo, trailer with epic drums and modern effects. Great for technological commercials and epic cinematic trailers.

Warm Sunlight [Lo-fi Summer Trip-Hop Hip Hop Laid Back]

Warm Sunlight is a hip-hop/trip-hop royalty free music with vinyl sound, lo-fi and fresh summer vibes. Featuring groovy boom bap drums, chopped piano chords, deep bass, gentle vocal and electric guitar melodies and cool bongo percussion. Suitable for vlogs, presentations, advertising, fashion, back...

Action Sport Trailer

Great for extreme and sport videos, games, backgrounds, films, youtube, tv advertisements, action movies, trailers, commercials and visual.

Rise Of A Hero

Epic and powerful blockbuster track featuring cinematic orchestra and energetic drums. The track develops over three big sections to make the editing easier: intro with orchestral swells, middle part that builds with ostinato strings and percussion, outro as a big strings and brass theme for an epic...

Making Joy

This groovy and empowering royalty-free rock theme with nice back vocals will instantly elevate your massive projects with more adrenaline and positivity, ideal for commercial, sport and action scenes and video games. Available in 5 versions

Modern Trap Hip Hop Power Bass

PACK FEATURES: - Full Version - 01:26 - 3 Short Versions - 0:13 sec Modern powerful electronic background music. Created in trendy Trap Hip Hop style with Hip Hop beats breaks, deep trap bass, punchy dubstep beat, fashion melody chops and agressive mood. Old school brass stabs horns and trumpets pr...

Modern Aggressive Trap Brass

Bright and energetic trap with crunchy beat and powerfull trumpets STYLE: Hard trap,Hip Hop INSTRUMENTS: Punchy drums,trumpets,brass,percussion,gunclicks,claps,bright pads,synth piano,fx,deep bass CHARACTER: Agressive,punchy,powerful,bright,cool MOOD: Confident,brutal,massive,delight USAGE: car show...

Driving The Heavy Energy

A heavy rock track with a massive hook. Ideal for extreme sports videos, driving scenes, vlogs, tv projects, films and more. The full version contains a structure complete with an intro, verse, prechorus, chorus, bridge and outro. An alternative full length version without lead guitar is included. ...

Fight for Glory

Glory to the heroes that gave their lives for their loved ones! Heroic and Trailer Orchestral track Whether you’re on a Quest for glory, fighting an unstoppable army, or exploring the depths of Space.

Epic Hybrid Action Trailer

Powerful Hybrid Orchestral Trailer track. Orchestra and Sound Design elements combined with huge impacts brings out this massive, war-thirsty cue. Easily editable and perfect for trailers, video games, presentations, advertising, youtube, websites, martial arts and motivational projects.

Hybrid Trailer

Hard hitting modern and power this epic trailer score features a cinematic rise with Hollywood scoring instrumentation.

Epic Massive Hybrid Orchestral

This massive epic hybrid cinematic trailer track is perfect for trailers, promos, reels and any emotional dramatic action project! Full range of orchestral instruments is used here including orchestral strings, choirs, brass, french horns, orchestral drums and percussions mixed with a rich variety o...

Epic Massive Hybrid Action Trailer

A dynamic, powerful and aggressive sound design track which will perfectly suit for game or movie trailer, action scenes, advertisements, extreme sports video, or any other media projects looking for driving, cinematic, epic, strong and powerful mood.

Ethereal Sci-Fi Intense Orchestral

Powerful cinematic music for action sci-fi scenes, trailers and video games. Track featuring orchestral percussion, energetic brass, synth, strings, horns, pulse pads. Great soundtrack for inspirational epic and dramatic movie scenes, advertising, slideshow, opener etc

Epic Uplifting Trailer

The track has a soft intro, building up to a massive ending. inspiring, powerful, orchestral, uplifting, happy, motivational, dramatic, upbeat, epic, emotional, strong, romantic, hopeful, motivating and catchy cinematic trailer track with epic orchestral elements, big hits and risers.

Epic Hybrid Trailer

For trailers, big action adventure scenes, powerful High Octane Hollywood Impact! Epic Cinematic Orchestral and Electronica. Strings, majestic brass, hard hitting drums, synths… Tension building piece of music great for action movie trailer, sports, cars & pirate

Epic Trailer Intro Ident

Massive, high energy and epic Trailer Opening/Intro designed to catch the attention of your audience.

Industrial Action Trailer

Massive, trailer, industrial, epic, powerful teaser track. Track is perfect for horror, thriller, action, blockbuster movies and trailers, Featuring sound design, powerful drums, bass, electronic leads and pulses, pads, brass.
Yann Keerim
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