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Mystic horror film suspense background music

Intense mystical track with an awesome atmosphere, bright frightening tools and mood of a horror film.

Dramatic mellow piano and strings

Beautiful sad sentimental music with piano and strings, plunged into dramatic atmosphere and evoking emotions.

Dramatic documentary solo piano

Dramatic sad piano solo with a delicate atmosphere and mood of hope and faith.

Dramatic hopeful hip-hop

I present to you the drama in the genre of hip-hop with a unique atmosphere, a sad mood, but with the sentimental notes of hope. Music combines stringed instruments, bells, piano and unusual percussion. Has a wide application and be used as a loop.

Sport On (Catchy Sports Track)

A catchy sports track with lots of energy and a big rock sound. It is available in 3 projects ready edits and features: stomps, punchy drums, claps, vocal hey!, hard hitting bass and distortion guitar. It would be great for sports and fitness videos, YouTube, branding, trailers or corporate projects...

Ambient suspense mystical background

Mystical background with intense guitar, bass, synthesizer and effects, creating a dark atmosphere of suspense and unsettling mood.

Cinematic dramatic suspense music

Dramatic cinematic musical composition with a tense atmosphere and tragic mood.

Lives for 90 seconds (accelerating background music)

I present to You a custom background track with piano and strings and at an accelerating pace. The perfect time lapse, the atmosphere of deep sound and unusual mood.

Documentary orchestral emotional background

Emotional orchestral composition with piano, strings and brass, creating an atmosphere of hope and a mood of sadness.

Scary halloween horror

Terrible otherworldly track with a dark atmosphere of Halloween and intense mystical mood.

Hold suspenseful decision background music

Intense background music with guitars, piano and percussion, creating an atmosphere of choice of solution and the mood of uncertainty.

Fall and rise (documentary hopes)

Quiet documentary background with piano and strings, creating a fascinating atmosphere of hope and anxious mood. It combines with dramatic, tragic and documentary video, as well as nostalgic and memorable slideshows.

Documentary nostalgic piano

Quiet and touching piano, creating a nostalgic atmosphere and a sad mood. Combined with dramatic thoughtful videos and slideshows.

Cyber Trailer

This powerful industrial cinematic track is best for film trailer.


Powerful electric guitar music with punchy drums and seethe bass. This track will able exciting, angry and energetic mood to your project.

Action & Adventure

This track has an energetic, adventurous, exciting and inviting structure with its aggressive electric guitar sound, synthesizer and powerful drum sound. It is suitable for all sports videos, trailers, nature images, all moving and energetic movie trailers, intro-outro music. BPM:106 The versions: ...

Rescue Mission

Rescue Mission - Driving, energetic, action piece featuring drums, percussion and strings. BPM - 140 Instrumentation - Drums, Percussion, Strings, Cinematic Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Synth Rescue Mission - Full track (0:58)

After Big Battle

After Big Battle - A slow atmospheric, sad and dramatic track featuring cinematic piano, strings and synths. BPM - 50 Instrumentation - Synths, Cinematic Piano, Piano, Strings. Versions included: After Big Battle - Full version (1:27) After Big Battle - Short version (0:48)
Yann Keerim
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