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Slow scary track. Perfect for trailers, videogames, youtube and mach more Massive synths, amazing industrial parts, nice ambient elements, punchy groove and high-quality sound

A Dark Suspenseful Revelation Background

Brooding strings, big suspenseful rhythmic elements and an ominous piano theme paint a dark atmosphere that will work very in the background of your film, documentary or other production.

Fight Club

Up tempo instrumental HipHop beat, which sounds like you're walking into a crowded club-like environment. It has also an aggressive and dangerous feel to it, hence the title Fight Club

Action Sport

Explosive and energetic mix of breakbeat and electronic rock music. This track is perfect for any action movie, racing, car ads, staged fights, games, Promo, teasers, trailers, etc.

Evil Thrash Metal

Thrash Metal menace! An aggresive, fast and evil Metal track coming straight out of the 80s featuring dangerous guitar solos and riffs, crushing drums and thumping bass lines.

Dangerous games

A tense ambient background with a dark frightening atmosphere and a mood of fear. In combination with mystery, suspense, thriller, horror, games, animation, commercial projects, etc.

Spy Me

This is a detective and spy music. It is great for a secret agent’s background music, retro and vintage trailers, run a way and chase scenes, crime and danger videos.

Orchestral Tension

Tense and edgy music for the suspens and action build ups. Features powerful brass shots, fast violin tremolos, deep low strings, percussions and timpani. An evolving tension builds up with different epic yet unnerving themes including an beatiful and mysterious bridge. Perfect to create a tenseful,...

Horror Industrial Drone Background

Dark atmospheric horror background track consisting of industrial sounds, brooding effects and ticking. Perfect to use in the background of a game, movie, documentary or any other production seeking a dark evil suspenseful tone. Will work really well in first person shooters or horror games as ...

Deep Cinematic Hit

Heavy deep cinematic and epic sting to use in your production. Perfect for trailers, games, films or other productions in need of a big impactful marker.

Dark Ethereal Trailer

A suspensful and dark piece building up in tension with cold orchestral strings, ethereal synths, dreamy electric guitars and deep bass echoes. Perfect for trailers, films, footage, documentary, movie teasers, science, promotional, time lapse videos, horror videos, various TV media that requires da...

Shaolin Trap

Cinematic composition in modern trap performance. It conveys a mood of tension, unusual, fear, unknown. Ideal for voice acting of crime scenes, series, films.

Organic Horror Soundscape

A dark organic soundscape of ominous and terrifying sounds. Perfect to use as background track in your game or film.

Running With The Devil

High tension track to be used in film, documentary or any other production in need of a cinematic suspenseful tone.
Yann Keerim
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