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Thrash Metal

A heavy and evil thrash metal track featuring distorted electric guitars, a chunky bass, and punchy drums. It is suitable as background music in advertisements, commercials, films, movies, video games, Youtube videos, and more.

Upward Bound

This is an Indie Rock track with a motivational and inspirational vibe. The track features a catchy indie guitar melody, dreamy synth pads, uplifting singing crowd and a driving beat that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to take on the world. Perfect for commercials, presentations, and any...

Upbeat Extreme Sports Music

Upbeat and energetic extreme sports action music. Huge toms, drums, and rock guitars make it very dynamic and driving. Can be used for trailers, car and driving videos, sports game videos and events, dynamic advertisings and energetic projects. Works for slow-mo, Kickstarter campaigns, commercials, ...

Hard Stomp Clap Heavy Rock

Huge rock track with elements of stomps and claps that everyone wants to clap along. It has catchy electric guitar riffs and melodies, and some huge riser effects that make this song feel big. Very good choice for extreme sports events, outdoor activity videos and for something where there needs to...

Stomp Clap Rock Trailer Music

Energizing and fun rock background music with elements of huge stomps and claps. This track will be perfect for sports videos, cool product ads, and trailers.

Rock The World

Powerful and heavy Rock track, perfect background music for sports, game, military, fight, durable product advertising and commercials, social media campaigns, trailers, and teasers.

Inspiring Heights (Uplifting Inspiring Motivational Pop)

This is an uplifting and inspiring pop track. It features a dynamic blend of drums, guitars, and synths, creating an energetic and joyful soundscape. The powerful melody and harmonious rhythms will elevate your spirits and leave you feeling motivated and empowered. Perfect for corporate presentation...

Action Hard Rock trailer

This is hard rock background music track with huge drums and energizing guitars. This track will be perfect for sports videos, cool product ads, and trailers. Perfect background music for KickStarter and social media campaigns, commercials, business projects, vacation videos, vlogs, YouTube video...

Off With You Head!!!

Fast Instrumental Driving Video Game or Sports Video track. Huge crunchy guitars and Industrial drums.


Music for inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects! Perfect for travel videos, inspiring commercials, uplifting advertising, adventure filmmaking, dynamic and emotional video content for social media.

Epic Dark Trap

Dark and Ominous Epic Trap track for your project! It features some synths, pumping beat and some vocal samples. Perfect for commercial, advertisement, video game, intro, outro, podcast, youtube, video, background. Enjoy!

Swing The Rhythm - Big Band Jazz

A lively and resounding 1940s Big Band Swing Jazz brings back the perfect Broadway vibe with all its glitter and sparkling glamour. Thumping jiving tom-tom drums introduce a lively brass theme on a Rhythm Change progression with syncopated accents by saxophones and trumpets. Virtuoso drums and tromb...


An epic cinematic trailer banger.Huge taikos hitting hard along with orchestra staccatos blending with violin piano and a full string ensemble.

Dragon Age (Epic Tension)

Powerful and epic high impact cinematic track. Tensive, heroic with big drums, melodic strings and epic brass. Action Adventure Horror Epic Chase Thriller Army Trailer Videogames Fantasy War.
Yann Keerim
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