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Getting Stronger

Powerful Hip Hop beat with catchy synths, strings and orchestral samples. Energetic and dynamic.

First Strike

Upbeat powerful Hip Hop/Pop track with cool synths and catchy samples. Very groovy and edgy


Driving, funky alternative rock track with rawnchy guitars, bass and solid drums.


Powerful Hip Hop track with distorted electric guitar, mysterious synths and piano. A new twist on Hip Hop!

Cool And Hot

Edgy modern Hip Hop/Pop track with cool groove and mysterious, dark synths. Great for background music requiring a cool groove!

Shot In The Dark

Catchy electronic track with cool groove and quirky synths

Production Time

Energetic news/sports track with hi energy beat and catchy synths

Ominous Adventure

Mysterious electronic track with solid groove and trippy synths. Great for hi-energy action scene

Feel The Energy

Motivating feel-good Rock track with driving guitars ans solid beat

Electro Nights

Edgy, raw electronic track with cool beat and dark synths

Desparate Getaway

Edgy, mysterious track with driving percussion, guitar and haunting synths

Tripping The Mind Out

Hardcore, edgy modern Dance Club track with driving beat, vocal samples and trippy, catchy synths.

Striking A Punch

Dramatic, action-packed track with orchestra and driving beat. Great for action/adventure scene.

Strange Behaviour

Trippy Electro Dance Pop track with solid driving groove and edgy hardcore synths.

Spread The Word

Cool modern Electro Pop track with solid groove and catchy synths. Mysterious, trance-like atmosphere...

No Victory Like This

Dramatic, epic Cinematic track with powerful orchestration over pulsating, driving beat. Great for tense action scene!

Me Against The World

Triumphant, epic cinematic piece with driving beat, orchestra and electric guitar. Great for suspenseful action/adventure scene.

Looking For Destinction

Dynamic, action-packed track with driving beat, strings, electric guitar and synths. Great for epic action/adventure scene.

Hurry Up

Short, fast pace electronic track with solid groove and catchy synths. Great for advertising logo or presentation.
Yann Keerim
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