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Energetic Cinematic Chase

A dramatic orchestral action track with a tension building intro followed by a fast and exciting chase part. Perfect for any action and chase scene in movies, trailers, cartoons, animation, commercials, advertising, youtube videos.

Epic Spy Chase In Beirut

Exciting orchestral action theme, featuring driving strings, heavy brass and an ethnic drum groove. Perfect for action and chase scenes in movies, trailers, commercials, advertising, game, youtube videos.

Sports Energetic Breakbeat

Sports Energetic Breakbeat Fast, energetic track is perfect for any advertising, sports, private videos. Feel – a Real Adrenaline!

tamburi 2

What would a horror film be without its music? Fear resembles the last wrong piece of a puzzle The most typical characteristic of horror film music is that it is dissonant, that is, it is based on intervals that do not sound stable and complete. Instead, they have a suspended sound, and in this way...

Modern inspirational cinematic

Modern inspirational cinematic music for your projects. An epic and powerful piece which will perfectly suit for game or movie trailer, advertising, or any other media projects looking for upbeat, epic and motivational mood.


Trying to escape the imposter syndrome feel, but conditioned to think that chasing your dreams is also delusional, the track is meant to be a bit convoluted and different in rhythm and syncopation while giving out some feeling of "dreamy" that is about to begin (the next track after means the opposi...

State of Euphoria

The song is meant to give a euphoric and optimistic feeling although still having overtones of melancholy. Feelings of euphoria and the need of self-medicating to escape. To be one of the “oh, so happy!” people we see every day through Social Media overexposure. Numbness. Drugs, Alcohol, Sex. Re...

Subcutaneous // Suspense and Tension Drama Black-Ops Trailer

Subcutaneous is inspired by the action & drama TV show "Treadstone". Suspense and tension before moving into a rock action groove at 0'27. It ends on a perfect snap to maintain the suspense and make you want to know more. Perfect for trailers, TV / film dramas involving spies, terrorists and underc...

Space Rocket // Action Cinematic Dramatic Rock Trailer Intro

Space Rocket is an atmospheric and powerful royalty free rock trailer music with catchy guitars, action hits, epic percussions and underwater effect. Perfect for tv trailers, game trailers, presentations, openers and more!


Mysterious and calm ambient music. Perfects for solving riddles scenes, investigation, asking questions and more!


Extreme dynamic and energetic electronic music perfectly fits for pursuit movie scenes, hacking scenes, police chase, sport or any other kind of Extreme shows or videos, TV commercials, intense extreme videos, fighting or adrenaline videos. Works great with most of youtube extreme videos, car drifti...

Speed And Tension

Tense and energetic background track evoking a sense of urgency. Brooding analog synthesizers, solo violin, strings and percussion each and all contribute to the organic quality of this suspenseful cue.


Powerful, energetic and pushy industrial metal for your video, audio collections and other projects! Enjoyable listening!
Yann Keerim
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