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Optimistic and hope (film score, groove rock, action background)

Charged experimental music with guitars, strings and piano, supplemented by drums. Can be used as the music in the film and other projects.

Cinematic dramatic big band orchestra background

Beautiful orchestral composition with descents and ascents, various instruments and dramatic atmosphere.

Inspiring motivational upbeat acoustic theme

Cheerful motivation acoustic theme with piano, electric guitars, strings and drums, energizes and inspires for new achievements. Has a very wide scope.

Upbeat motivational background music theme

Cheerful upbeat lively music with a bright piano, soft guitars and a strong beat. Perfect for motivational videos for any purpose.

Chill Lofi Hip-Hop

Chill Lofi Hip-Hop (aka: Night Lights) is a relax and calm track with ambient tones, melody piano and guitars wuth a lofi touch. Perfect for vlog videos, YouTube, advertisements, commercial, slideshows, fashion backstage, branding logo and much more!

Rock the South

An instrumental Southern Rock style track with strong electric guitars and a stylish vibe. Perfect for vlogs and ads.

Urban Workout

An instrumental Hip Hop style track with stylish elements. Perfect for workout videos, vlogs and ads.

Dance Floor Colour Light

An instrumental 80s funky disco style track with a very punchy low end. Perfect for vlogs, ads and workout videos.

Strong Energy

An instrumental 80s style track with predominant synth work. Perfect for workout videos, vlogs and ads.
Yann Keerim
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