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Creepy Funk

70’s pursuit groovy funk with a creepy horns section melody.

Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll – this is indie rock music that will make you move. Dirty Overdrive and fuzz guitars make this track powerful. Great for any dynamic video, trailer, sport and extreme sports video, car and moto videos and more.

A LIttle Chaos

In your face dance track with lots of energy. Sweet bridge section then back to toughness

The Fight Is On!

Epic and powerful cinematic track with aggressive strings, loud brass and colossal drums for heroic and grandiose action and adventure blockbuster sound. Ideal for projects with exciting and dramatic moments such as films, movie trailers, video games, and teasers.

Spy Guitars

Modern version of a classic spy type of track with electric guitars and driving rhythm. Added suspense adds to the genre feel

Cyberpunk Future

A powerful and stomping Cyberpunk track with an 80s darkwave vibe and a combination of various electronic elements. Perfect for Cyberpunk videos, commercials, trailers, social media, titles, time-lapse and landscapes, action clips, games, films, both eighties and futuristic inspired media and more.

Workout Rock Dubstep

This royalty-free dubstep music track was made especially for your powerful and energetic projects with extreme sports or cinematic mood! Pay attention to these remarkable groovy acid guitar riffs, synth and electro moments, and energizing drums and percussion, and here's a perfect background track ...


Fast action paced rebellious rock anthem with super cool guitar solos, edgy guitar riffs, in your face drums and ferocious chorus. Great fit for skateboarding videos, extreme sport clips, action scenes, car races and anything that's too cool for school!


Thunderous percussion, ostinato string patterns & pulsating bass for this epic track.
Yann Keerim
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