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A New Day Begins

Bright, positive and subtle background music, with marimba, piano, woodwinds, strings and piano. Optimistic, adventures and bouncy kind of fairytale vibe, perfect as underscore for documentaries, podcasts, drama and other projects that need a gentle touch of background music!

Larger Than Life

Peaceful, bright and ambient music track with an optimistic and positive vibe. Electric guitars, layered synths and some ambient strings makes this track perfect as underscore for documentaries, drama and Podcasts!

Brutal Heavy Rock Metal - Loop Version

Powerful and aggressive background hot soundtrack with huge guitar riffs. Perfect for extreme sport video, action movies, trailers, games, backgrounds, films, youtube channel, web, tv advertisements, commercials, visual and many other media projects. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

Positive Cinematic Rock

Down-tempo and atmospheric cinematic rock music track. You can hear acoustic guitar, strings, drums and quite a bit of synths. Mood of track is romantic, melancholic and optimistic. Best for using in cinematic projects, indie films as a love theme, cartoons, storytelling and wedding slideshows.

Urban Hip Hop

Groove and dance urban hip hop theme with catchy beat, vinyl scratch and vocal chops. It’s good for cars video, modern presentation, sport video, urban video, fashion video, commercial and advertising video, event promo video and more.

Fashion Hip Hop

This easy chill relaxed background hip-hop music track is good for fashion videos, stylish urban slideshow, lifestyle videos, fashion commercial, photography background, summer party background, urban streetwear advertising, luxury car videos and more.

Epic Electronic Technologic

Powerful cinematic electronic track. It is a very dense epic electronic mix. Deep synthetic bass, lots of rhythmic synths, tight and punchy rhythm. Perfect for any serious projects, trailers, teasers, animations, background music, scientific technology, sci-fi atmosphere, the future, space technolog...

Romantic Piano Ballad

Sentimental and full of love pop ballad with r`n`b drums. You can hear piano, drums and dreamy orchestra in the middle part. You can use it for love stories, wedding videos, sentimental memories videos and all producta about relationships, health and care.

Upbeat and Inspiring Corporate

‘Upbeat and Inspiring Corporate’ is an energetic corporate track that features real guitars, pianos, drums. and electronic accents. The instruments build as the song progresses, finishing with an inspirational ending. This song is perfect for promotional videos, commercials, advertisements, movi...

Stomp Clap Percussion Ident

This short ident with stomp, claps and percussion will be perfect as a background music for epic opener projects, trailers, teasers, titles, intros and more!

Piano Cinematic Corporate

Modern inspirational, corporate piano track! Great for use in commercical, business, presentations, background, openers, advertising, youtube, wedding, festival, family, nature videos and videohive projects! I used beauty piano, strings, orchestra and percussion!

Relaxing in Nature

Calm and downtempo minimal track with memorable and atmosphere piano melody. Perfect for travel vlogs, spa, yoga and relaxing sessions, massage, cosmetics, romantic love stories. Also can be great background for innovative products, real estate, technologies and fashion.

Upbeat Ukulele

Fun and sunny mood in super cheerful composition “Upbeat Ukulele”. You can hear bright ukulele, joyful whistle, optimistic glockenspiel, groovy drums, claps and snips. This music is best suited for videos with children, family oriented commercials, comedy videos, curious video with animals, tv a...

Epic Latin Drums

Energetic action drums with a lot of latin percussion. You can hear cajon, cabasa, guiro, shekere, clave, timbales, roto drums, shakers and tambourine. Groove in track slowly rising and peaking at the end. This track is perfect for media related to sport activities, brazilian and african natives, ex...

Positive Corporate

Optimistic and positive corporate track. Middle tempo, sunny mood, guitar harmonics, nice piano and atmospheric synths makes perfect background for brand presentation projects.

Abstract Tech Chillout

Relax and thoughtful mood you can here there. Modern smooth synths, glitchy drums and rhytmic piano melody makes your projects unforgetable for your customers. Best for technology presentations, gadget overview, slow motion, inforgaphics, vlogs and creative outstanding commercials.

On Hold

Dynamic and thoughtful music. Best for TV on-hold, business presentations, corporate videos, financial infographics and technology commercials.

Thoughtful Marimba

Thoughtful and relax track with beautiful marimba, piano and glitch effects. This atmospheric track is perfect for technology videos, documentary and cinematic media projects.


Inspiring corporate track with catchy positive melody. Live acoustic and electric guitars, pluck synths and guitar harmonics, strings and rock drums makes your project memorable. Will be perfect background for corporate presentations, travel vlogs, wide range of TV and radio commercials.
Yann Keerim
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