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Halloween (One Eyed Captain) [PACK]

This is a spine-tingling and playful Halloween music track that encapsulates the eerie and mischievous spirit of this beloved holiday. The composition opens with haunting melodies, reminiscent of a moonlit night filled with secrets. As the music unfolds, it blends eerie synths, ghostly whispers, and...


A slow-building mysterious, eerie instrumental that begins with a digeridoo drone, joined by slowly-building haunting strings that start with a melancholy meander and develop into a rhythmic building ostinato. The piece ends with slow, long unfurling harmonies on the violin.

Dark Goddess

A very atmospheric orchestral theme with a hint of mystery and intrigue. It features a strong, doomy French Horn melody with rotating flute phrases, gives this piece a feel of a classic cinematic theme introducing a powerful character held in great esteem. This is a dark, fantasy style atmospheri...

Riddle of the Old Library

Picture yourself in an ancient library with its dark furniture, musty small and dusty tomes about to reveal secrets from the past. This fantasy-styled piece has a hint of a Harry Potter-style adventure, with slightly creepy descending tremolo strings and mystical backing voices, but never veering to...

Darkwave Horror

Gloomy, doomed and dark composition for your video, audio collections and other projects!

Satie - Gnossienne n. 3

Mysterious, catchy and a bit disturbing. Classical piano masterpiece by Erik Satie (1866-1925).

Satie - Gnossienne n. 1

Mysterious and atmospheric. Classical piano masterpiece by Erik Satie (1866-1925).

Prepare For Victory (Impending Battle)

Orchestral mid-tempo action adventure with an exotic flavour theme. Hypnotic groovy tension

Dragon Age (Epic Tension)

Powerful and epic high impact cinematic track. Tensive, heroic with big drums, melodic strings and epic brass. Action Adventure Horror Epic Chase Thriller Army Trailer Videogames Fantasy War.
Yann Keerim
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