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A full orchestra, with its magnificent symphony of instruments, harmoniously converges to craft a resplendent and captivating musical composition. As the orchestration unfolds, it meticulously constructs a beautiful and deeply motivational theme. Overwhelming sense of inspiration and purpose.

The Wizard's Hideaway

Magical, children’s style theme with a hint of mystery, suggesting a secret garden or landscape full of wonder and intrigue. The instrumentation of strings, harps and celesta provide a sweeping melodic basis, with enchanting phrases and flourishes. Mythical creatures probably weave their magic and...

Sufiz's Dance

"Sufiz's Dance" is a captivating piece that seamlessly blends Arabic music's rich, exotic sounds with elements from Western musical traditions. This orchestral composition takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through a sonic landscape that transcends cultural boundaries. With its intricate melod...

Deep Within

A dynamic drum and bass composition filled with intricate rhythms, lush basslines, and atmospheric vocal chops. This track is ideal for futuristic sci-fi productions, thrilling car chase sequences, and captivating dance floor scenes in movies, TV shows, and video games.

Phone Call Jazz

A captivating stock music track that effortlessly blends the enchanting sounds of smooth bossa nova jazz. This delightful composition features a soothing combination of instruments, including a mellow piano, graceful nylon guitar, rhythmic percussion, and the resonant tones of an upright bass.

Eclipse of Tears (Celestial Piano Journey)

A captivating dark piano melody supported with spacious, lush textures. This track is seamlessly looping.

Cinematic (Conquerors)

A large, action-packed work of art filled with heroic and exciting legendary adventures. In this work, a whole and emotionally filled story takes place, which will not leave the listener indifferent and will give your project an unforgettable elegance.

Love Over Diamonds

This composition boasts a commanding hip hop beat and a captivating melody hook, making it an excellent complement to any dramedy production. Infused with a subtle Oriental and nostalgic touch, it exudes an air of class and sophistication, perfectly suited for elevating the overall aesthetic of a hu...

Rebel Spirit

Uplifting cinematic track with an energetic percussion section and positive strings melody. Good background for videos, slide shows, social and commercials, television intro and captions, audio for media, movies, documentaries, cinema, YouTube, web.

Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 3, Scherzo

The elegantly charming and playful scherzo from Beethoven's 3rd piano sonata. Excellent as source music from radio, on-hold, concerts, etc. Sets mood without taking too much focus

Cinematic Emotional Trailer with Piano and Strings

his one is an Epic Cinematic Score featuring an epic orchestra with energetic symphonic strings, big cinematic percussion and atmospheric pianos. Epic Cinematic Score is a song filled with life, dramatic moments, excitement and strong and powerful vibes and mood. This music background is great for a...

Inspiring & Motivational Cinematic Corporate

Inspiring & Motivational Cinematic Corporate Epic, Inspiring and Motivational corporate track is perfect for presentations, corporate project ideas, private videos, advertising, sport, sports, life style and more…

Inspiring & Motivational Cinematic Piano and Orchestra

Cinematic Inspiration – Beautiful epic and Inspiring piano in intro with cinematic elements in culmination is perfect for Commercial, Slideshow, Motivational and Inspiring Stories, Love Story, Wedding, Time-lapse, Photos Slides, Sport, Corporative Video, Presentations and more..
Yann Keerim
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