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Samurai Vibe

A bouncy Asian hip-hop instrumental that makes your head nod. It features Japanese instruments like koto and shakuhachi. The choir in the hook ads a mystical feel. Perfect for video blogs, podcasts, video games and any project dealing with Samurai, Karate, Asian gangsters and Japan.

Uplifting Energy Sport EDM

Modern EDM pop track for your incredible projects! Perfect for beauty blogs, sport, fitness, festivals, advertising videos, videohive projects, presentations and openers!

Trap Sport

Extreme, urban, powerful, hard and aggressive Trap beat with deep bass, moody synth, and punchy drums. Perfect for movie, video game, trailers, teasers, openers, endings, intros, time-lapses, documentaries and discovery videos, AE templates, sports events, youtube videos, actions scenes, movie, game...

Soft Lounge

Modern, gentle background lounge house music. Perfect background track for social media videos, lifehack videos, fashion shows, etc.


Banger Hip Hop music. Perfect for hip hop dance videos, Surfing and Sports Videos, Club Promotions, Freak TV, Travel Companies, Car Commercials, TV Commercials, Corporate Presentations, and awesome exciting background music with a fresh sound.

Energetic Electro Dance

"Energetic and lively electro dance track, powerful synth sounds and rhythms. Four versions : - long version 4:33 - short version 1:45 - loop version 0:27 - start end version 0:21"

Magnet Spinning

Energetic drum & bass track with trendy modern sound, catchy melodies, powerful groove and positive vibe perfect for sport video, extreme projects, club/dance/party media, advertising and more!

Melodic Techno

Techno theme with a beautiful melody. Great background for your video in sport style, lifestyle, driving, blog and more ...

Another Dance

Fun Dance Music. Perfect for radio, TV, advertising, private videos and more…
Yann Keerim
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